Super Mini Mushroom

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Super Mini Mushroom
The Super Mini Mushroom as seen from Mario Party 4

The Super Mini Mushroom is a Mushroom that only appears in Mario Party 4. It is a translucent, glowing Mini Mushroom.

The Super Mini Mushroom is an item that turns its user into a pint-sized version of themselves, similar to the normal Mini Mushroom, which only lets the player move five or less spaces. The Super Mini Mushroom, although more expensive and rare, overcomes this problem by allowing the player to strike two Dice Blocks numbered one through five. Players can't get a total of 1, but they can only get a total of 2-10. The effects of the Super Mini Mushroom wear off when the player moves the number of spaces decided by the Dice Blocks. If the player rolls any matching pairs of numbers, they get 10 coins.

Super Mini Mushrooms can be won during the minigames on the board, the Lottery Shop, or through the Item Shops. Unlike normal Mini Mushrooms, this item (along with the Super Mega Mushroom) cannot be found on a Mushroom Space (nor can its effect be inflicted on opponents with a Mini-Mega Hammer).

While mini, players can play special pint-sized minigames if they pass certain locations on the board. Depending on the game, the player has a chance to win an item or some coins. Additionally, a player can pass through small orange Gates, too small for normal sized players. The reactions to players by characters on the board or the effect of a board event on the player may also change.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパーチビキノコ
Sūpā Chibi Kinoko
Super Chibi Mushroom
French Super Mini-Champi Super Mini-Mush
German Mikro-Pilz Micro Mushroom
Italian Fungo supermini Supermini Mushroom