Dreamcap R

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Dream Team enemy
Dreamcap R
Dreamcap R from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Location(s) Dreamy Driftwood Shore
Role Common
Position Normal
Level 21
HP 74
Power 123
Defense 88
Speed 79
Weakness Fire
Experience 10 (12)
Coins 5 (20%)
Item drop None (0%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 33
World Dream

Dreamcaps R are green, supposedly layered Capnap-like creatures that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They are the Dreamcaps' stronger counterparts, possessing greater stats. Like a handful of enemies, Dreamcaps R do not appear on the field, requiring Mario and Dreamy Luigi to enter battle with a Dreamcap Captain R in order to battle Dreamcaps R.

In battle, Dreamcap Captains R and Dreamcaps R fight in together in hordes. If all the Dreamcap Captains R are defeated and any Dreamcaps R remain, the Dreamcaps R will huddle together and one will run away with each turn. If the vast majority of Dreamcaps R are defeated and any Dreamcap Captains R remain, they will summon several more Dreamcaps R to then be able to attack.

The group may charge towards Mario as a pack, where Mario must move out of the way or jump over in order to avoid taking damage. They can also attack from the background, charging towards Mario in rows, which to avoid taking damage, Mario must jump over or on to. The horde of Dreamcap Captains R and Dreamcaps R may also split into multiple towers, which will ram into Mario unless hammered away.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ユメミダケR
Yumemidake Āru
Dreamcap R

German Traumling R
Dreamcap R
Italian Oniribapo R
Dreamcap R
Portuguese Onirimelo R
Dreamcap R
Russian Шляпкохрап*

Spanish (NOA) Iluseta
From ilusión (illusion) and seta (mushroom)