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“All right, fluffykins! You know what to do!”
Eldream, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Eldream artwork from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Species Pi'illo
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

Eldream is a character appearing in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, and the knowledgeable elder of the Pi'illos, as well as the only Pi'illo who had befriended the creatures of Pi'illo Island, whom he apparently shared kinship with. Eldream is a purple Pi'illo with a thick white beard, moustache, and monobrow. He appears to be deaf in the left ear.


Prior to the events that caused the temporary end of the Pi'illos, Eldream was called by Prince Dreambert for ideas on how to stop Antasma. Together, they devised a plan in secret to eternally seal Antasma away in Dream's Deep, and played a part in temporarily sealing him away.

Eldream makes his first appearance in Mushrise Park as an inanimate stone pillow, due to the fact he was hit by a nightmare chunk. He is found in the possession of Brickle, who refuses Mario, Luigi, and Starlow's wishes to relinquish him as he likes the historic feel. Brickle then runs away leaving Mario and Luigi having to chase him. After Mario and Luigi free Brickle from the fountain, he agrees to let Mario and Luigi use Eldream's pillow.

Upon Mario and Luigi gaining access to Eldream, he is soon freed from the nightmare chunks and is alerted of the dire circumstances of the island, and agrees to help Mario and Luigi access Dream's Deep. In sync with his pet rabbit, Dreambunny, Eldream drills a path into Dream's Deep for the Bros. After the encounter with Bowser and Antasma, Eldream once again comes to Mario, Luigi and Peach's aid by taking them out of the Dream World when he finds them lying unconscious, as it's dangerous to sleep in dreams.

Eldream also has a side quest to free all of the captive Pi'illo people. When the player frees a certain amount of Pi'illos, they can go to Eldream who is staying on Brickle's bed. If they talk to him, he will either tell them the certain amount of Pi'illos they need to free for another reward, or gives gear. Also, when the player frees all the captive Pi'illos, he will summon the Zeekeeper, and ask if he could help the Mario Bros. When the Zeekeeper says yes, Eldream gives the Mario Bros. 10 attack pieces for the Zee Egg Bros. Attack.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ユメジイ
Portmanteau of「夢」(yume, dream) and「爺」(, old man)
Dutch Eldream Name copied from the English version
French (NOA) Trêvieux Pun of très vieux (very old)
French (NOE) Ancionio From ancien (ancient) and onirique (oneiric)
German Traumsworth Pun on traum (dream) and Toadsworth
Italian Vecchioniro From vecchio (old) and onirico (dreamy)
Korean 드림영감
From "dream" and 영감 (yeonggam, old man)
Russian Мудрогрез
From Мудрый (mudryy, wise) and Грёза (gryoza, dream)
Spanish (NOA) Maestro Onirio Pun on onírico (dream) and Maestro Kinopio (Toadsworth)
Spanish (NOE) Yayo Sueño Grandpa Dream. Yayo is a child language synonym of abuelo (grandfather)


  • His name is a pun on "elder" and "dream," similar to Eldstar.
  • If the player tries talking to him on the left, he will say that he cannot hear very well with his left ear.
  • When the player saved all the Pi'illos and talks to him to get the Zee Egg attack, it's revealed he is good friends with the Zeekeeper, and they call each other names: Eldream is called "Eldawg", and Zeekeeper is shortened to "Zeek".
  • Normally, Pi'illos in the Dream World appear as just a head if they are the one being used to access the realm, and full-bodied if not. Eldream is an exception, as he appears full-bodied despite being the Pi'illo used to access the Dream World.