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Dream Team enemy
Durapurl from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Location(s) Driftwood Shore
Role Common
Position Normal
Level 21
HP 89
Power 112
Defense 350
Speed 61
Weakness None
Experience 130 (156)
Coins 30 (100%)
Item drop 1-Up Deluxe (3%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 26
World Real

Durapurls are pale-colored oysters that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. In the field, Durapurls will wander around aimlessly until they spot Mario and Luigi, where it will then chase after them briefly. Their names are a pun on "durable" and "pearl." In battle, Durapurls may approach a bro and flicker its shell closed, then open three times; on the third time, the pearl inside will shoot out of the shell and into the approached bro, who must counter by smashing the pearl into the sand before him the moment the pearl shoots out to daze it, and following that up with several swings of the hammer to deal maximum possible counter-attack damage.

Durapurl noshell.png

Durapurls may also let their pearl out to roll towards a bro, to then roll into the bro from both the front and behind several times, which must be dodged by jumping over or on to the pearl until the attack ends. More damage can be dealt to Durapurls through counter-attacks as they allow Mario and Luigi to strike its weak point, the pearl inside. Both of these attacks can give the bros. the trip status effect.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese カタイカラ
From「」(katai kara, hard shell)

French (NOA) Duraperle
From the English word
French (NOE) Perlipopette
From "perle" (pearl) and "saperlipopette" (a familiar interjection expressing surprise)
German Fiesmuschel
Pun on "fies" (mean) and "miesmuschel" (mussel)
Italian Guscioduro
Hard Shell; shared with Courage Shell
Portuguese Duraperl
Russian Твердолобик
From "твёрдый" (tvyordyy, hard), "лоб" (lob, forehead), and diminutive suffix "-ик" (-ik)

Spanish (NOA) Perlaza
From "perla" (pearl) and "aza" (a suffix used for things that are strong, durable, or big)
Spanish (NOE) Perleja
From "perla" (pearl) and "almeja" (clam)