Mount Pajamaja (boss)

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This article is about the boss fought by Giant Luigi in the Dream World. For the Pi'illo Island location, see Mount Pajamaja.
Dream Team enemy
Mount Pajamaja
Mount Pajamaja boss.png
Location(s) Dreamy Mount Pajamaja
Level 20
HP 1600
Power 400
Defense 180
Speed 96
Weakness None
Experience 0 (0)
Coins 700 (100%) (EXCELLENT)
560 (100%) (OK)
Item drop Ultra Candy (100%) (EXCELLENT)
Ultra Nut (100%) (EXCELLENT)
1-Up Deluxe (100%) (EXCELLENT)
Ultra Mushroom (100%) (OK)
Ultrasyrup Jar (100%) (OK)
Refreshing Herb (100%) (OK)
Metal Gloves (100%)
No Hitter
World Dream
Mount Pajamaja, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Mount Pajamaja is a Giant Boss fought in Dreamy Mount Pajamaja, in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. This boss is the Dream World version of the location in the Real World, which happens to be a living creature as well as a volcano. It is the second Giant Boss fought in the game. Mount Pajamaja is a large volcano with a face, round nose, arms and feet.


After Bowser and Antasma use the Dreambeats to scare away Mario, Luigi, Starlow and Prince Dreambert, Mario escapes into the Dream World, ending up in Dreamy Mount Pajamaja. Unfortunately, the portal back to the Real World closed up due to Luigi falling into too deep of sleep when they entered, so Mario and Dreambert think of a way to force the Dream Portal to reopen. Their solution is to cause the Dream World version of Mount Pajamaja to erupt in hopes of causing the Dream Portal to the Real World to appear again.

Halfway up the mountain, the group realizes that this version of Mount Pajamaja is actually a sentient being, and proceed to annoy it by slamming blocks into the side of its pimple on its nose in an attempt to set off a volcanic eruption. Once they succeed in enraging Mount Pajamaja, they are chased down to the bottom of the mountain, where the Dream Portal has still not reappeared. As a result, Mario and Dreamy Luigi take on Mount Pajamaja in another giant battle.

Afterwards, Mount Pajamaja's defeat causes the Dream Portal to open again, allowing Mario to escape. Additionally, Mount Pajamaja can be seen in a dormant state at the top of Dreamy Mount Pajamaja after the events of the battle. After the events of Dreamy Mount Pajamaja, it does not reappear for the rest of the game.


At the start of the battle, Dreambert begins to instruct Luigi on how to use the Hammer Uppercut, the key to defeating Mount Pajamaja. Luigi is also instructed on how the Drill Stomp is performed right after the Hammer Uppercut is taught. (The Hammer Uppercut tutorial can be skipped, but not the Drill Stomp tutorial.)

While upright, Mount Pajamaja is immune to airborne attacks, preventing use of the Jump and Drill Stomp techniques. Mount Pajamaja will also take an incredibly small amount of damage from Hammer Chop if used, as it would block any attempt of it. Luigi must flip Mount Pajamaja over (with either the Hammer Uppercut or with a counter-attack) for him to be able to lower its defense and be able to deal sufficient damage, either the Jump or Drill Stomp attacks being the most effective in this case, the Hammer Chop and Hammer Uppercut doing minimal damage.

Mount Pajamaja can shoot out a volcanic rock from its vent that must be smacked back with swings of Luigi's hammer by swiping upwards when the rock is near Luigi. Several successful returns will eventually result in the rock getting clogged in Mount Pajamaja's vent, soon causing it to explode due to the pressure built up and dealing a small amount of damage to Mount Pajamaja. Failure to counter this will result in Luigi taking damage and Mario being knocked off Luigi, preventing use of Rhythm Mushroom or Drill Stomp techniques for Luigi's following two turns.

Mount Pajamaja may also back up and charge into Luigi (while making steam train-like sounds) who will hold him back temporarily with its hands. The player must rapidly swipe leftwards in order to not get knocked out of the way. If fast enough and successful, Luigi will flip Mount Pajamaja over, leaving it in the position it would be after a Hammer Uppercut. If Luigi cannot flip Mount Pajamaja over in time, it will eventually push through him and send him flying into the air to land hard on the ground causing massive damage to Luigi.

Later on in the battle, Mount Pajamaja will firmly sit on the ground to rise off the ground on a large stack of volcanic rock, lifting Mount Pajamaja out of Luigi's reach. Volcanic geysers will also erupt either behind Mount Pajamaja or in the background. If Giant Luigi leaves these alone for a turn, they'll shoot out a fiery rock into Mount Pajamaja's vent and healing him. He can avoid this and get closer to being able to attack Mount Pajamaja by using either the Hammer Uppercut or the Hammer Chop (depending on whether the geyser is in the background or behind Mount Pajamaja) on the lowest chunk of volcanic rock, which causes the chunk to be dislodged from the stack and bounce back to cause some damage to Mount Pajamaja. This must be done twice to get Mount Pajamaja to ground level.

Mount Pajamaja may release rocks out of its vent lightly, and the rocks will roll down it, towards Luigi from three frontal directions, Luigi having to crush the rocks with his hammer before they hit him. The player must tap one of the three circles before Luigi to crush any rocks in the circled area to prevent him from getting hit.

Mount Pajamaja can also shoot around five small fireballs in a high arc that Luigi will have to smack back at Mount Pajamaja to avoid taking damage from, also dealing some counter-attack damage in the process. The player must slide the stylus leftwards in order to deflect the fireballs. Getting hit by even one fireball will result in Mario getting knocked off Luigi, rendering him unable to perform the Rhythm Mushroom and Drill Stomp techniques for his following two turns.

After both chunks are destroyed and Mount Pajamaja is on ground level again, it will collapse and fall on its back in a daze, leaving himself susceptible to jump-based attacks especially for a turn. The battle will continue normally after Mount Pajamaja gets up, repeating this phase after several turns until it is defeated through the Finishing Bros. attack, as usual for giant bosses.

Hard Mode differences[edit]

In the Hard Mode, the most noticeable difference between this and the Normal Mode battle is when Mount Pajamaja shoots a single volcanic rock at Luigi, the rock moves faster and travels in a different angle than normal.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パジャマウンテン
Same as Mount Pajamaja.
Dutch Pyjamapiek Pajama Peak
French (NOA) Mont Pyjamama Mount Pajamama
French (NOE) Mont Pyjama Mount Pajama
Italian Pigiamonte Mount Pajama
Korean 파자마운틴
Same as Mount Pajamaja.
Portuguese (NOE) Monte Pijama Mount Pajama
Russian Грезувий
Portmanteau of "Greza" (dream) and "Vezuviy" (Vesuvius)
Spanish (NOA) Monte Pimayama Mount Pamajama
Spanish (NOE) Monte Pijama Mount Pajama