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Species Seadring
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team

Seabelle is a pink Seadring with a flower on her head that lives in Dreamy Driftwood Shore in the game Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. She has an obssession with makeup. When the Bros. meet her, she almost gives them the Dream Egg but then starts to get furious with Prince Dreambert and forces him to compliment her even though she is not wearing any makeup and has a "janky eyelash." After he does loudly, Seabelle thinks he lacked conviction but spits out the Dream Egg and disappears soon after anyway.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese オトネ
Pun on「ユメノオトシゴ」(Yume no Otoshigo, Seadring) and feminine name「乙音」(Otone)
French (NOE) Hippoline From "hippocampe" (seahorse) and feminine name "Pauline"
Italian Ipponia From "Ippocampo" (seahorse) and female common name "Sonia"
Russian Веселушка
Diminutive form of "веселье" (vesel'e, merriment)
Spanish (NOE) Hipnocarla From "Hipnocampo" and female name "Carla"