Cocoknight R

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Dream Team Enemy
Cocoknight R
Cocoknight R.png
Location(s) Dreamy Wakeport
Level 26
HP 101
Power 128
Defense 126
Speed 104
Weakness Fire
Experience 20 (24)
Coins 5 (100%)
Item Drop Ultrasyrup Jar (1%)
None (0%)
No Hitter 44
World Dream

Cocoknight Rs are coconut enemies that appear in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. They have an orange plant on their head, yellow gloves and white eyes shaped much like the eye holes of a Shy Guy's mask. They are stronger versions of Cocoknights, possessing higher stats and a slightly altered look. In the field, Cocoknight Rs wander around aimlessly until they spot Mario and Dreamy Luigi, they will then begin throwing spears at them while they remain in place. Making contact with the spears results in the Bros. engaging battle with the Cocoknight R who threw it.

In battle, Cocoknight Rs appear in large hordes. They may attack by making a ring formation and advancing towards Mario while holding it, who will either end up surrounded by them in the middle of the ring or stuck outside the ring. The Cocoknight Rs will then raise their spears into the air and start spinning, the ring formation moving towards the foreground and background erratically. Eventually, the spinning Cocoknight Rs will stop spinning and lower their spears, the ring formation moving off-screen via Mario's side of the screen and reappearing on their side, the attack ending.

At the start and end of the attack, Mario must jump over or on the Cocoknight Rs as they encircle him or the area near him in order to avoid taking damage. Mario could also move out of the way of their circle, although that would inevitably end in him getting hit by the spinning Cocoknight Rs. During the spinning phase of the attack, Mario must move away from the edges of the formation for the duration of this phase in order to avoid taking damage.

The Cocoknight Rs may also surround Mario in a ring and have up to two of them one by one hold up their spears upwards as they briefly flash. The Cocoknight Rs will then spin and rotate the ring formation in an attempt to make the player lose track of the Cocoknight Rs who rose their spears. Eventually, the Cocoknight Rs will stop and form up to four groups, one positioned at each of Mario's four main sides. The groups that have a Cocoknight R who rose their spear will have that Cocoknight R chuck theirs at Mario in the order their spears flashed at the start of the attack. Mario must face the group about to throw spears at him and hammer the spears back at them in order to avoid taking damage.

Additionally, Cocoknight Rs are weak to Fire damage and sustain critical damage from the Luiginary Flame as such.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヤシノミンR
Yashinomin Āru
Cocoknight R
Spanish (NOA) Cocollero R From coco (coconut) and caballero (knight or gentleman)
German Kokossai R Cocoknight R
Russian Коконосец*
From Кокос (Coconut) and Копьеносец (Spearman)