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The Battle Ring is an area in Pi'illo Castle that Mario and Luigi can access in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The area serves the same purpose as The Gauntlet in Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, in that Mario and Luigi face tougher versions of bosses already battled.

Normal X Bosses[edit]

Class Image Name Recommended Level (Normal/Hard Mode) One-Time Fee Turn Limit Reward
Battle Class 1 Image of Grobot X from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Grobot X 17/22 100 Coins 6 600 Coins, Zeekeeper's Feathers (only available during the Ultibed part hunt)
Battle Class 2 Bowser X Bowser X & Antasma X 19/24 150 Coins 8 900 Coins
Battle Class 3 Image of Torkscrew X from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Torkscrew X 23/28 200 Coins 8 1200 Coins
Battle Class 4 Sprite of Big Massif X from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.Hooraw X.png Big Massif X
Hooraw X
26/31 250 Coins 12 1500 Coins
Battle Class 5 Image of Mammoshka X from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.Block MonoliftX.png Mammoshka X
Block Monolift X
30/35 300 Coins 16 1800 Coins
Battle Class 6 Elite Trio X Elite Trio X 33/38 350 Coins 12 2100 Coins
Battle Class 7 Sprite of Pi'illodium X from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.Sprite of Mini Pi'illoid X, from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Pi'illodium X
Mini Pi'illoid X
40/45 400 Coins 26 2400 Coins
Battle Class 8 Image of Antasma X from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.Sprite of an Antasmunchie X, from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. Antasma X
Antasmunchie X
45/50 500 Coins 14 3000 Coins
Battle Medley Bowser Jr. riding the Junior Clown Car.M&LDT Monty Mole.png All previous classes and Bowser Jr. with Monty Mole 50/55 1000 Coins 45 10000 Coins

Giant X Bosses[edit]

Class Image Name One-Time Fee Turn Limit (Normal/Hard Mode) Reward
Giant Class 1 Robo-Drilldigger X Robo-Drilldigger X 200 Coins 10/7 1200 Coins
Giant Class 2 Mount Pajamaja X Mount Pajamaja X 250 Coins 13/11 1500 Coins
Giant Class 3 Earthwake X Earthwake X 300 Coins 10 (Both Modes) 1800 Coins
Giant Class 4 Zeekeeper X Zeekeeper X 350 Coins 6/4 2100 Coins
Giant Class 5 Bowser X Giant Bowser X 400 Coins 6 (Both Modes) 2400 Coins
Giant Medley All previous bosses. 800 Coins 41/42 8000 Coins


Normal Bosses[edit]

Giant Bosses[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バトルリング
Batoru Ringu
Battle Ring
French (NOA) Arène de Combat Battle area
French (NOE) Ring de combat Battle ring
German Kampfarena Battle arena
Italian Ring -
Russian Ринг
Spanish (NOA) Pabellón de combate Combat pavilion
Spanish (NOE) Cuadrilátero Ring


  • It is possible to have the trophy for an inaccessible boss. To do so, the player must defeat the normal version of the boss (unlocking the Battle Ring version), then defeat the X boss without saving. After the battle results are saved, the player must reset the game and go back to the Battle Ring. The trophy for the boss is viewable, but the boss is not unlocked yet.

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