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Big Massif, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Big Massif
Sprite of Big Massif from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team.
Species Hooski
First appearance Mario & Luigi: Dream Team (2013)

Big Massif is a Hooski that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team, who is both battled as a boss in the dream world and acts as Mario and Luigi's tour guide in the real one. He leads the bros up Mount Pajamaja with his brother Lil' Massif as well as teaches them new abilities to get around Pi'illo Island. His name is a pun on the words "big massive".

Along with Lil' Massif, Big Massif tends to use the word "beef" in most of his sentences, and is more than a tad overconfident throughout the game.


Big Massif is a large Hooski wearing a red singlet with a large unibrow and mustache. He talks in a thick Russian accent and makes strange use of the word "beef" in his speech. Along with Lil' Massif, they both resemble Mario and Luigi, having green and red outfits and moustaches.


When Mario and Luigi found out that the Dream Stone had been taken to Mount Pajamaja by Antasma and Bowser, they came across someone promoting a tour up the mountain. Hearing that the tour was the only way to reach summit, they headed off to Wakeport to join the tour.

However, when they reach Wakeport and try to start the tour, they hear from Lil' Massif that it cannot begin without Big Massif, who has gone off somewhere and hasn't been seen in a while. So another "tour" begins, one where the Bros. have to track down Big Massif in Wakeport.

Eventually, they find him asleep by a Dream Point. Realizing that the magical effects of the Dream Point mean Big Massif cannot be woken up in the real world, Dreambert tells them that Luigi can fall asleep nearby and enter Big Massif's dream as a result, since anyone asleep at a Dream Point seems to end up in the same Dream World. So Luigi falls asleep and Mario heads into the Dream World to wake up Big Massif.

Inside Dreamy Wakeport, Mario and Luigi find that to wake up Big Massif, they have to defeat all four of his apprentices and then him in a series of battles, known as the "Beef Off". They head off into the area to defeat Heavy Zest, Sorrow Fist, Thunder Sass and Beef Cloud.

Once this is done, they return to the Dreamy Wakeport visitor center to take on Big Massif, finding out that the referee and visitor center operator was actually Big Massif in disguise. After Mario and Luigi defeat Big Massif in a battle, he wakes up and realizes he'd overslept, briefly reverting to his stone form. In reference to losing to Mario and Luigi, Big Massif calls them "cutlets" and "too strong." He then meets up with his brother and the tour up Mount Pajamaja begins.

On their tour up Mount Pajamaja, the Massif Bros. teach Mario and Luigi new abilities to get past the mountain's obstacles, leading to them learning the Spin Jump and Side Drill moves along the way. Big Massif and Lil' Massif also directly help out by breaking icicles when the Mario Bros. reach the icy summit of the mountain. They also encounter the mountain guardian Mammoshka and rescue some Mega Pi'illos that Big Massif and his brother end up mistaking for "muscle lords".

Once they reach the top of the mountain, Big Massif and Lil' Massif stop the tour due to not wanting to get involved with Antasma and Bowser at the very peak, leaving the Mario Bros. and the main party as the ones to confront Antasma and Bowser.

In Dreamy Mount Pajamaja, Big Massif and Lil' Massif act as shopkeepers, selling the Bros. items and gear needed to scale the dream version of the mountain.

Later in the story, Big Massif and his brother set up another tour, which lead the Mario Bros. to one of the Ultibed pieces. During this tour, they teach Mario and Luigi how to use the Ball Hop technique to climb high ledges and pass through rings to open doors.

After this, Big Massif is not seen until the ending, where he is standing in the background with Lil' Massif.


Dream Team enemy
Big Massif
Big Massif
Location(s) Dreamy Wakeport
Level 16
HP 864
Power 140
Defense 103
Speed 61
Weakness None
Experience 800 (960)
Coins 250 (100%)
Item drop None (0%)
Knockout Boots (100%)
No Hitter
World Dream

In battle, Big Massif utilizes several attacks based on those used by his disciples. He has a variant of Sorrow Fist's seashell attack by pounding the ground to make a small building-like object (about the size of Big Massif) fall before him, before he punches it at Mario, who must then deflect it back with his hammer. If the Hooraws panic when the object falls, then Big Massif will jump back and then punch it, causing a slight delay in the attack. He can use Heavy Zest's charge attack, which Mario must dodge by sidestepping the attack, or jumping over Big Massif - but only if the Hooraws in the background do not jump unusually high. If they do, Mario must stay on the ground, as Big Massif will jump over Mario just before making contact. Big Massif may also use Thunder Sass's bounce attack by launching himself off the Hooraws and into Mario by having them throw him at Mario after bouncing off clusters of them. Mario must watch carefully to determine which group of Hooraws will be the last to catch Big Massif (as they will be the ones to throw their master at him) and then knock him back with his hammer.

Aside from these attacks, Big Massif also has his own attack: he jumps on top of a stack of Hooraws, and chases Mario into the foreground while attempting to jump on him (similar to Mario's Luiginary Stack Luiginary Attack). Mario must move out of the way of the stack and jump over the shockwave produced by its stomps. If he successfully evades all ten of the attacks, Big Massif will take damage and lose all of the Hooraws for the turn.

In addition to aiding Big Massif in some of his attacks, the Hooraws serve another purpose in this battle. Big Massif becomes agitated if his Hooraws are defeated by Mario's attacks, causing him to flash red and gain a massive power boost on his next attack. He has three levels of "anger" that depend on how many Hooraws are defeated on Mario's turn, with each level conferring a greater power boost. As the battle wears on, Big Massif will summon larger groups of Hooraws, increasing the chances of Mario forcing him to the highest levels of his rage. A stronger version of Big Massif called Big Massif X is found in the Battle Ring.


  • Target Big Massif!: Whenever you defeat Hooraws, Big Massif's POW will go up. Using Luiginary Attacks is risky! Try countering Big Massif's attacks to thin out the Hooraws without enraging Big Massif. Reduce the Hooraws' numbers, and then use Luiginary Attacks!
  • Coconut Trawling: When a big coconut appears during Big Massif's turn, it's your chance to engage the Hooraws. The key: Get the charging Big Massif to hit the coconut! Big Massif will charge toward Mario, so match your moves with the coconut to make him hit it!
  • Repel Big Massif!: When Big Massif flies into the air, watch the Hooraws standing in four groups. Big Massif will always bounce off the group of Hooraws currently raising their hands. After bouncing off the last group, he'll come straight toward Mario! Face him and counterattack!

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese マッスフアニー
Massufu Anī
A corruption of「マッシブ」(masshibu, massive) and/or「マッスル」(massuru, muscle) +「兄い」(anii, elder brother)
French (NOA) Profio
French (NOE) Musculobaf From "musculation" (body-building) and "baffe" (slap)
German Muskulone From "muskel" (muscle)
Italian Muscobaffo rosso From "muscolo" (muscle) and "baffo" (mustache) + "rosso" (red)
Korean 머슬형님
Meoseul Hyeongnim
Big Brother Muscle
Portuguese (NOE) Musculaço From "músculo" (muscle) and the augmentative suffix "-aço"
Russian Бамбуло-старший
Older Bambulo. Bambulo comes from African fighter Salvator Bambula whose name was used in Russian proverb which begins with "Silach Bambula podnyal chetyre stula" ("The strongman Bambula raised four chairs")
Spanish (NOA) Juancho The Spanish male name
Spanish (NOE) Musculote From "músculo" (muscle) and the augmentative suffix "-ote"