Nightmare Chunk

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Dreambunny holding the Nightmare Chunk holding Eldream.
Mario breaking the Nightmare Chunk holding Prince Dreambert.

Nightmare Chunks are stones that appear in the Dream World in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. When Antasma was near defeat before the events of the story, he used his remaining power to shatter the Dark Stone and imprison the Pi'illos in Nightmare Chunks. This put them in a state of eternal sleep. However, Mario and Dreamy Luigi can easily break the Nightmare Chunks in-game by jumping into them from below or hitting them with their hammers to free the imprisoned Pi'illo. They can be imprisoned in one or more Nightmare Chunks, depending on the Pi'illo, in which case all Nightmare Chunks must be broken.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 悪夢のカケラ
Akumu no Kakera
Fragments of nightmare
Dutch Nachtmerriebol Nightmare orb
Italian Frammento d'incubo Nightmare chunk