Shy Guy Airtub R

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Dream Team enemy
Shy Guy Airtub R
Sprite of a Shy Guy Airtub R from Mario & Luigi: Dream Team
Location(s) Neo Bowser Castle
Role Common
Position Background
Level 35
HP 178
Power 364
Defense 119
Speed 144
Weakness None
Experience 500 (600)
Coins 160 (100%)
Item drop Max Candy (20%)
Soft Hammer DX (5%)
No Hitter 55
World Real

The Shy Guy Airtub R is an enemy that appears in Mario & Luigi: Dream Team. The Shy Guy Airtub R is an enhanced version of the Shy Guy Airtub. Due to it being a background enemy, it does not appear on the field, so only a Taunt Ball must be used if the player wants to fight it head-on in the instances it appears during battle, which only happens in Kamek's third maze and the third map in Neo Bowser Castle. Defeating the Shy Guy Airtub R lets the player fight three Shy Guys R. This is the only way to fight them. Like Goombas R, Shy Guy Airtubs R drop less coins than their weaker counterpart.


Three yellow Shy Guys R riding on a purple mini-airship with two teal cannons on each side and a big one in the front.


The Shy Guy Airtub R attacks differently depending on whether it is in the foreground or background. When it is in the background, they use the two cannons on one side to fire cannonballs at Mario and Luigi. If a cannonball is fired out of the left cannon, Mario must hammer it back at them. If fired out of the right, Luigi must hammer it back at them. Defeating the Shy Guy Airtub R in the background will make it simply crash there, send the Shy Guys R flying from the crash and into the midst of battle. This does not damage the enemies currently in battle.

If lured into the foreground by a bro throwing a Taunt Ball at them and thus enraging the Shy Guys R, they will make the Shy Guy Airtub R attack by firing two giant spiky balls out of the giant cannon, one at each bro one after another. The majority of the 3 Shy Guys R will point at who will be fired at first. Mario and Luigi must hammer the ball back at the Shy Guy Airtub R in order to do plenty of damage to it. If the Shy Guy Airtub R is defeated through countering this attack, it will crash into the ground; damaging and likely defeating other enemies Mario and Luigi were fighting. This then allows the Bros. to fight the 3 Shy Guys R that were controlling the Shy Guy Airtub R.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ヘイホーひこうていR
Heihō Hikōtei Āru
Shy Guy Airtub R

French Vaisseau Maskass R
Shy Guy Airtub R
German Shy Guy-Flugwanne R
Shy Guy Airtub R
Italian Aeronave Tipo Timido R
Shy Guy Airtub R
Portuguese Supra-helibarco do Masquito
From Helibarco do Masquito (Shy Guy Airtub) and the prefix supra-
Russian Шлюпколет скромняг*
Shlyupkolet skromnyag*
Shy Guy Airtub*

Spanish Helibote Shy Guy R
Shy Guy Airtub R