Elite Boom Guy

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Partners in Time enemy
Elite Boom Guy
Elite Boom Guy.gif
Location(s) Gritzy Caves
HP 80
POW 80
Defense 66
Speed 48
Experience 40
Level 16
Coins 8
Item drop Bro Flower – 12%
Blue Pepper – 3%
Battled by Anyone
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).
An Elite Boom Guy from Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Elite Boom Guys are Shy Guys that are found in Gritzy Caves in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Elite Boom Guys are stronger versions of Boom Guys. Additionally, they wear blue outfits and attack more quickly. When one of the Elite Boom Guys attempts to attack, the Elite Boom Guy first walks near to one of the Mario Bros. The Elite Boom Guy will either duck while holding its hands on its head or duck while the Elite Boom Guy extends its arm toward one of the Mario Brothers.

If the Elite Boom Guy attempts to duck while holding its hands on its head, the Elite Boom Guy launches a Bullet Bill from the Bill Blaster and attempts to hit one of the Mario Brothers. If the Elite Boom Guy attempts to duck while extending its arm toward to one of the Mario Bros., the Elite Boom Guy attempts to fake out the Mario Bros. with a puff of smoke and then launches out a Bullet Bill. The Mario Bros. can either jump on the Bullet Bills or jump over them. The Mario Bros. can get rid of the Bill Blaster. When this happens, the Elite Boom Guy becomes helpless until two Blue Fly Guys that answer its calls fly by and drop another Bill Blaster to the Elite Boom Guy's head. Elite Boom Guys are usually accompanied by Snifaros in battle. Elite Boom Guys take critical damage from fire (Bro Flowers and Mix Flowers) but take only one damage from ice (Ice Flowers).

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese エリートヘイホーほう
Erīto Heihō Hō
Elite Boom Guy
French Maskass d'élite Elite Shy Guy
German Elite Bumm Guy Elite Boom Guy
Italian Tipo Boom d'élite Elite Boom Guy
Korean 엘리트헤이호캐논
Elliteu Heiho Kaenon
Elite Boom Guy
Spanish Boom Guy de élite Elite Boom Guy