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A sprite of a Shroob saucer
Shroob saucer
An animation of a Shroob saucer
“What's that? Control this... ...and send those Shroob saucers to obliteration?”
Stuffwell, Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time

Shroob saucers, also referred to as UFOs, are the Shroob's alien spaceships that they use for travel from place to place in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. These spaceships are small, but they can fire powerful energy bolts that can turn people into Shroob mushrooms and deal devastating damage to buildings, and have tractor beams that are used to abduct Toads.

In Hollijolli Village, Mario and Luigi have to fight an impossible battle that features a Shroob saucer that counts down from three turns. When the countdown reaches zero, Mario and Luigi are defeated. Mario and Luigi are later rescued by their younger counterparts. The same kind of saucer also appears in the second half of the Elder Shrooboid battle, this time counting down from four turns, but can be hit with a spiked ball to reset the countdown. During the battle against Swiggler, two Shroob saucers appear whenever Swiggler drinks from its glass without any mushrooms added to it. The saucers then fire Bullet Bills at the Mario Bros., although they occasionally swap positions. Shroob saucers also appear in battles with Blazing Shroobs, where they lower fireworks down to the Blazing Shroob's flames, and shoot at the Bros. with it. They can be knocked out of battle by jumping onto one of the Blazing Shroobs while they are aflame. In Shroob Castle, the Mario Bros. hijack bigger saucers to destroy the smaller ones along with the Shroob Mother Ship.

In Yoshi Village, the Shroobs use their Shroob saucers to make Yoob giant.

Shroob saucers are powered by Toad energy, known as vim. The vim is sucked out of the Toads by the trees of Toadwood Forest mixed with chemicals at the Vim Factory, and afterward used as fuel for the Shroob saucers. In Hollijolli Village, they are summoned using a device that strongly resembles a Nintendo DS.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ゲドンコUFO
Gedonko UFO
Shroob UFO

French Vaisseau Xhampi
Shroob vessel