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Partners in Time Enemy
Location(s) Gritzy Caves
HP 78
POW 72
Defense 60
Speed 33
Experience 50
Level 15
Coins 10
Item Drop Trampoline – 15%
1-Up Mushroom – 20%
Battled by Anyone
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).

A Snifaro is a floating Snifit sarcophagus found in Gritzy Caves in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. The name "Snifaro" is a portmanteau of "Snifit" and a corruption of "pharaoh," the name applied to Ancient Egyptian rulers who Snifaros are designed after (using the traditional pharaoh mummies' sarcophagus and wearing stereotypical pharaoh headdresses).



Snifaro has two main attacks. For the first, it positions itself in front of one of the Mario bros. and opens up its sarcophagus, revealing two Snifits inside, one standing on top of the other. Each Snifit then fires one bullet at the target, one after the other. If the sarcophagus lid opens to the Snifaro's right (away from the camera), the upper Snifit fires first; if it opens to the Snifaro's left, the lower one fires first. The lower one can be dodged by a jump, and the upper one is very likely to hit the bros if he jumps. It is possible to jump over the top bullet however. Their second attack has the top Snifit jump out of the coffin and ride the sarcophagus like a rocket. The Snifaro flies high and then attempts to crash into a Mario brother. If the Snifit rides the sarcophagus normally (over the object), it attacks Mario. If the Snifit places itself under the sarcophagus, it attacks Luigi. This attack can be dodged or countered by jumping which if not, it may cause the trip status effect.

If a Bros. Flower is used against a Snifaro, the sarcophagus burns up, revealing two Snifits, one of which runs away, leaving the top Snifit (still labeled as "Snifaro") to fight on its own. This exposed Snifit attacks faster and is slightly weaker.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ファラチョ
Spanish Snifaraón Combination of Snifit and faraón (pharaoh)
French Sarcosnifit Portmanteau of "sarcophage" (sarcophagus) and "Snifit"
Italian Snifaraone Combination of "Snifit" and "Faraone" (pharaoh)


  • There is a little golden Koopa head on top of the headdress.