Spiny Shroopa

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Partners in Time enemy
Spiny Shroopa
Animated idle of a Spiny Shroopa
Location(s) Vim Factory
HP 16
POW 25
Defense 32
Speed 18
Experience 2 (8)
Level 7
Coins 2 (5)
Item drop Green Shell – 15%
None – 0%
Battled by Anyone
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).

The Spiny Shroopa is the Shroob version of the Spiny, and is found in the Vim Factory during the events of Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. A Spiny Shroopa has a purple shell with pink spikes. Unlike Spinies, Spiny Shroopas stand on their hind legs. Small, gray arms stick out the front of a Spiny Shroopa's shell. Unlike a Spiny, a Spiny Shroopa's head is not visible; only its glowing yellow eyes are visible. To move, Spiny Shroopas use their hind legs to walk or hop.

In battle, a Spiny Shroopa attacks by charging into its enemy. To counter-attack, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi can hit the Spiny Shroopa with their Hammers. Sometimes, a Spiny Shroopa's charge attack can poison a Mario Bro. Occasionally, upon being counter-attacked, they do not end their attack, and charge again. This may catch a Mario Bro off guard, but if noticed and successfully counter-attacked, it ends up causing the Shroopa to take twice as much damage in one turn. If Baby Mario and Baby Luigi aren't present during the battle with the Spiny Shroopas, the Shroopa will, rather than leaping at one of the adults, roll into its egg shape and roll towards the Bro who must jump to dodge it. Also, without the babies in battle the adult bros. can only hurt the Shroopas with Bros. Items. If they don't have any, it is impossible to damage the Shroopa. Spiny Shroopas are also featured in both hammer attack tutorials.

Lakitufos can deploy Spiny Shroopas both on the field and in battle.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese トゲリアン
Portmanteau of「トゲゾー」(Togezō, Spiny) and possibly「エイリアン」(eirian, alien)
French Xhampic Portmanteau of "Xhampi" (Shroob) and "pic" (spike)
German Stachelshroopa Spike Shroopa
Italian Shroopa Spinoso Spiny Shroopa
Korean 가시리언
From "가시돌이" (Gasidori, Spiny) and "에일리언" (eillieon, alien)
Spanish Shroopa Pincho From "Shroob" and "Koopa", with "pincho" (spike)