Peach's Castle Dungeon

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A battle in Peach's Castle Dungeon

Peach's Castle Dungeon (Peach's Castle Cellar in the British English version) is an area that appears in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. It can be opened once the bros. and babies defeat Sunnycide and learn the Bros. Ball. When Mario, Luigi, Baby Mario and Baby Luigi come here for the first time, they find Fawful and follow him, however, only the babies can reach him since he goes into a Warp Pipe that only the babies can access. The babies can trade Beans for Badges at his store. Several Goombas are found in the dungeon. There are two Time Holes in the dungeon; the first one leads to Toad Town and the second leads to the Star Shrine, although it only appears after defeating Elder Shrooboid.

Peach's Castle Cellar

It also appears in the past under the name Peach's Castle Cellar (Past), but has a different layout. It plays the same music, and the bros and babies battle a Chain Chomp here using Laser Blocks. There are lots of Shroobsworths, Ghoul Guys, Lethal Bob-ombs and Shroob Rexes found in this version of the dungeon, the latter however never appearing on the field.




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Égouts du château Sewers of the castle
Italian Cantina Castello di Peach Peach's Castle Basement