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Partners in Time enemy
Animated idle of a Tashrooba
Location(s) Shroob Castle
Role Common
Battled by Anyone
HP 140
POW 135 (125)
Defense 100
Speed 127
Experience 120 (150)
Level 26
Coins 10
Item drop Ultra Drop – 12.75%
Max Mushroom – 2.25%
  • Stats in parentheses are from the Japanese and European versions (if they differ from the original American release).

The Tashrooba is a purple Shroob-like Tanoomba fought in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time. Like their weaker counterparts, Tashroobas are shape-shifters. Tashroobas are found inside Shroob Castle. Before being approached, they will disguise themselves as different objects and creatures, including a Toad, a 100 Coin, a ? Block, and a Thwack. When the player draws near, the Tashrooba reveals itself and attacks.

Tashroobas have the same attacks as Tanoombas, except the Tashroobas' attacks are stronger and faster. Before each attack, the Tashrooba either performs a twirling jump or a normal jump. If it flips, it will attack Luigi or Baby Luigi. If it does not flip, it will attack Mario or Baby Mario. After jumping, the Tashrooba either turns into a Thwomp, a balloon, or a Spiny shell. The Tashrooba jumps high before turning into a Thwomp or a balloon; if it reaches the middle of the top screen, it becomes a bubble, and if it reaches the top, it becomes a Thwomp. If it turns into a Thwomp, the Tashrooba falls quickly and crushes its opponent. If it turns into a bubble, it falls slower and hits a Mario brother. Both of these attacks can be countered with a Hammer. If the Tashrooba turns into a Spiny shell, it spins into the Mario brother it indicated with its jump, then circles and attacks the next Mario brother. The Tashrooba circles multiple times, causing damage and potentially poisoning the Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi can jump to avoid it.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese たぬボス
Portmanteau of「たぬボー」(Tanubō, Tanoomba) and possibly "boss"

French Xhatonos
Portmanteau of "Xhampi" (Shroob) and "Ratonos" (Tanoomba)
German Shroomachs
Portmanteau of "Shroob" and "Gumbachs" (Tanoomba)
Italian Canotto Shroob
Tanoomba Shroob
Korean 너굴왕
From "너굴바" (Neogulba, Tanoomba) and "왕" (wang, king)

Spanish Tashrooba