Sad Goomba

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Sad Goomba
Sad Goomba from Super Princess Peach.
A Sad Goomba from Super Princess Peach
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
Variant of Goomba
Sad Paragoomba
Mad Goomba
A Sad Goomba from Super Princess Peach

A Sad Goomba is an enemy found on Vibe Island during the events of Super Princess Peach. Sad Goombas are blue, and are always seen sitting around and crying. When Princess Peach approaches them, they immediately get up and charge at her. According to the game's Glossary, it "Attacks when it's sad so you feel bad attacking." The Mad Goomba is the opposite of the Sad Goomba and is red instead of blue. There is also a flying sub-species of the Sad Goomba called the Sad Paragoomba.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリボー・哀
Kuribō Ai
Goomba of Sorrow
French Goomba Triste Sad Goomba
German Trauriger Gumba Sad Goomba
Italian Goomba Cupo Gloomy Goomba
Spanish Goomba Triste Sad Goomba


An unused level from Super Princess Peach with an absurdly large amount of Sad Goombas.
The Sad Goomba level
  • The game's files contain a level with a large number of Sad Goombas, enough to make the game start lagging and for graphics to start disappearing.[1]