Crystal (Super Princess Peach)

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Official artwork of a crystal from Super Princess Peach.
Crystal artwork

Crystals, also called gems,[1] are essential items found in the game Super Princess Peach that are scattered throughout Vibe Island. When collected, they restore a varying amount of Princess Peach's Vibe Gauge.

Crystals come in large and small varieties, each restoring either a significant or small portion of Peach's Vibe Gauge, respectively. Crystals either float in the air or are produced when certain enemies are defeated. Peach can also buy Vibe Tea from Toad's shop to permanently increase her Vibe Gauge.

The need for crystals is eliminated after the player unlocks the option to use the Endless Vibe item.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese クリスタル
French Cristaux[2] Crystals


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