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Vibes on the bottom screen of the Nintendo DS.
Vibes artwork.

A Vibe is an emotion forced on any living thing appearing in the game Super Princess Peach. In this title, as the main protagonist, Princess Peach can freely use one of four of types of Vibe: Rage, Gloom, Calm, and Joy. However, enemies continue using an infinite amount of a single type of Vibe until they are defeated, while Peach can only use Vibes until her Vibe Gauge is empty. Despite their names, the Calm heart has a happy face, and the Joy heart has a calm face.

Vibe Gauge[edit]

Vibe Gauge.PNG

The Vibe Gauge is the meter used to show the amount of Vibe energy that Peach currently has to use. The orange coloring shows the energy in the Vibe Gauge that is used for the Princess's Anger, Calm, Gloom, and Joy vibes, while blue coloring indicates that the Princess has no Vibe energy to use at all.

The Vibe Gauge can be filled by picking up Vibe Crystals or having Perry eat an enemy. Peach can also expand the amount of Vibe energy that she can carry by buying Vibe Tea at the Toad Shop. If the player purchased the Endless Vibe item and has it turned on, then the gauge will not deplete at all.