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This article is about the Nintendo DS game. For the form of Princess Peach seen when playing as her in the Super Mario series, see Super Mario (form).
Super Princess Peach
The front North American cover of Super Princess Peach
North American box art
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer TOSE Software Co.
Nintendo SPD Group No.2
Publisher Nintendo
Platform(s) Nintendo DS
Release date Japan October 20, 2005
ROC October 20, 2005
South Korea November 4, 2005[1]
USA February 27, 2006
Australia March 30, 2006
Europe May 26, 2006[2]
Language(s) Deutsch
English (United States)
Español (España)
Français (France)
Genre Platformer
ESRB:E - Everyone
PEGI:3 - Three years and older
CERO:A - All ages
ACB:G - General
USK:0 - All ages
Mode(s) Single-player
Nintendo DS:
Game Card
Nintendo DS:

Super Princess Peach is a 2D platformer game for the Nintendo DS. In this game, the characters' traditional roles in the Super Mario series are reversed: rather than Mario and Luigi being the protagonists and rescuing Princess Peach, it is Mario, Luigi, and the Toads who are kidnapped and taken to Vibe Island by Bowser, who has stolen the Vibe Scepter, a magical item capable of influencing emotions, leaving Princess Peach to rescue them as the main protagonist. To accomplish this, she befriends an anthropomorphic umbrella, Perry, and uses her own powers of emotion. This is the first game on a dedicated console in the Super Mario franchise in which Peach is the sole main protagonist, with the first overall being Princess Toadstool's Castle Run. This would also be Peach's only other starring role in a game until Princess Peach: Showtime! 18.5 years later.


Mario, Luigi, and Toad are kidnapped and imprisoned.
Mario, Luigi, and Toad are kidnapped and imprisoned.
Mario, Luigi, and Toad are kidnapped and imprisoned.
Mario, Luigi, and Toad are kidnapped and imprisoned.

While Princess Peach is on a stroll, Bowser and the Koopa Troop, with the Vibe Scepter, take over her castle, capturing Mario, Luigi, and Toad. Upon Peach's return, she finds her castle guards in a variety of emotions ranging from sad, happy, or angry. Peach then decides to rescue Mario, Luigi, and Toad, who have rescued her on many occasions in the past. Before she leaves, Toadsworth gives her a magical, sapient umbrella named Perry, whom he recently bought from a merchant. Perry offers to help Princess Peach on her journey. The story of Perry before he was purchased by Toadsworth is revealed throughout multiple dream sequences. As Peach travels throughout Vibe Island, Perry is shown to be a very useful ally in many situations. By the end, Perry recovers from his amnesia.

After defeating Giant Kamek, Peach rescues Luigi and the Toads. After defeating Bowser, she rescues Mario. Ignoring Luigi completely, she shoves him to the side as he runs to Mario. They happily swing around together, and Mario takes her into his arms and gives her flowers from his hat.


Vibe Island locations[edit]

Vibe Island is the World Map for Super Princess Peach, consisting of eight locations (or worlds) of nine stages each:

  • Ladida Plains: A normal grassland world, with generic enemies being common.
  • Hoo's Wood: A forest-themed world, with generic enemies being common.
  • Shriek Mansion: A Mansion-themed world, with ghost and sad enemies being common.
  • Fury Volcano: A volcano/lava world, with fire and angry enemies being common.
  • Wavy Beach: A beach-themed world, with generic enemies being common.
  • Gleam Glacier: A snow and ice world, with sad and angry enemies being common.
  • Giddy Sky: An aerial, cloudy, sky-themed world, with calm and glad enemies being common.
  • Bowser's Villa: Bowser's Castle, the final world, with all types of enemies.


Shop in Super Princess Peach at the start of the game with no items bought.
Shop at the start of the game.

Toad hosts the Shop which is available at start of the game. The player can access the menu by pressing R Button while in the menu of Vibe Island or a world to buy abilities, music, puzzle pieces, and minigame levels. Items have different criteria for the player to unlock them in the shop. For each item the player chooses, Perry describes the item.

If the player can afford the item with a certain amount of coins, Toad asks the player if they want the item. If the player accepts, the player can trade the coins for the item. If the player rejects, Toad bawls at the player for teasing him. If the player cannot afford the item, Toad states they do not have enough coins.

Name Description Cost Criteria
Floatbrella "You'll be able to fly for a while. This ability-enhancing umbrella is a bargain!" 200 Available at start.
Poundbrella "This ability-enhancing umbrella allows you to pound down while jumping!" 500 Available at start.
Chargebrella "This ability-enhancing umbrella will let you charge up and fire a blast!" 700 Available at start.
Tough Coffee "This drink is made from heart fragments! Your maximum HP Game sprite of a full Heart in Super Princess Peach.Game sprite of a full Heart in Super Princess Peach.Game sprite of a full Heart in Super Princess Peach. will grow a bit!" 250 (1st time)
500 (2nd time)
1000 (3rd time)
1500 (last time)
Available at start.
Vibe Tea "This drink is made from vibe crystals! It'll extend your Vibe Gauge!" 250 (1st time)
500 (2nd time)
1000 (3rd time)
1500 (last time)
Available at start.
Courage Soda "This drink was created by merchants! All you have to do is attack enemies with me and you get coins!" 1000 After completing Shriek Mansion.
Natural Power "A drink of mystery! Stop for awhile in your travels and your Vibe Gauge fills!" 3000 After completing Gleam Glacier.
Endless Vibe "This drink smells like pure danger! Drink it and you’ll never tire... Your Vibe Gauge will never go down! What an amazing drink!" 0 After beating all stages and minigames, and collecting all Puzzle Pieces and music scores.
Opening "Buy this to hear this song in the music room!" 20 Available at start.
Opening 2 20 Buy Opening.
Opening 3 20 Buy Opening 2.
Title 20 Available at start.
File Selection 20 Available at start.
Area Selection 20 Available at start.
Shop 20 Available at start.
Ladida Plains 1 30 Complete Ladida Plains.
Pause 30 Pause the menu.
Stage Clear 30 Complete Ladida Plains 1-1.
Boss 30 Complete Ladida Plains.
Hoo's Wood 1 40 Complete Hoo's Wood.
Shriek Mansion 1 50 Complete Shriek Mansion.
Slidebrella 50 Complete Shriek Mansion 3-1.
Fury Volcano 1 60 Complete Fury Volcano.
Wavy Beach 1 70 Complete Wavy Beach.
Subrella 70 Complete Wavy Beach 5-2.
Gleam Glacier 1 80 Complete Gleam Glacier.
Giddy Sky 1 90 Complete Giddy Sky.
Bowser's Villa 100 Complete Bowser's Villa.
Puzzle A Piece 1 (1st time)
Puzzle A Piece 2 (2nd time)
Puzzle A Piece 3 (3rd time)
Puzzle A Piece 4 (4th time)
10 (1st time)
30 (2nd time)
50 (3rd time)
70 (4th time)
"Buy this to assemble a puzzle by picking Puzzle in the Menu on the map screen." Available at start.
Puzzle B Piece 1 (1st time)
Puzzle B Piece 2 (2nd time)
Puzzle B Piece 3 (3rd time)
Puzzle B Piece 4 (4th time)
10 (1st time)
30 (2nd time)
50 (3rd time)
70 (4th time)
Complete Hoo's Wood 2-6.
Puzzle C Piece 1 (1st time)
Puzzle C Piece 2 (2nd time)
Puzzle C Piece 3 (3rd time)
Puzzle C Piece 4 (4th time)
10 (1st time)
30 (2nd time)
50 (3rd time)
70 (4th time)
Complete Fury Volcano 4-6.
Puzzle D Piece 1 (1st time)
Puzzle D Piece 2 (2nd time)
Puzzle D Piece 3 (3rd time)
Puzzle D Piece 4 (4th time)
10 (1st time)
30 (2nd time)

50 (3rd time)
70 (4th time)

Complete Gleam Glacier 6-6.
Toad Jump Lv. 2 (1st time)
Toad Jump Lv. 3 (2nd time)
Toad Jump Lv. 4 (3rd time)
Toad Jump Lv. 5 (4th time)
Toad Jump Lv. 6 (5th time)
Toad Jump Lv. 7 (6th time)
"Buy this and you can play it by picking Minigame in the Menu on the map screen." 100 (1st time)
150 (2nd time)
200 (3rd time)
250 (4th time)
300 (5th time)
350 (6th time)
Find minigame in Hoo's Wood 2-4.
Toad Tote Lv. 2 (1st time)
Toad Tote Lv. 3 (2nd time)
Toad Tote Lv. 4 (3rd time)
Toad Tote Lv. 5 (4th time)
Toad Tote Lv. 6 (5th time)
Toad Tote Lv. 7 (6th time)
100 (1st time)
150 (2nd time)
200 (3rd time)
250 (4th time)
300 (5th time)
350 (6th time)
Find minigame in Fury Volcano 4-1.
Toad Shot Lv. 2 (1st time)
Toad Shot Lv. 3 (2nd time)
Toad Shot Lv. 4 (3rd time)
Toad Shot Lv. 5 (4th time)
Toad Shot Lv. 6 (5th time)
Toad Shot Lv. 7 (6th time)
100 (1st time)
150 (2nd time)
200 (3rd time)
250 (4th time)
300 (5th time)
350 (6th time)
Find minigame in Gleam Glacier 6-1.

Peach's Vibes[edit]

During the course of gameplay, the player is able to help Peach trigger one of four vibe abilities, provided she has an adequate amount of energy in the Vibe Gauge (located on the top left screen of the Nintendo DS, below her main health meter) to do so. In order to do this, there are four colored Heart Panels on the bottom screen, each representing a certain vibe. The player can touch them to allow Peach to proceed with the related action for each vibe ability.

The four vibes are as listed on the following chart:

Picture Name Effect Heart
Princess Peach from Super Princess Peach. Joy Peach becomes extremely happy and gains the ability to float when the player presses A. When the player releases A, Peach also creates a tornado which dispels air and gets rid of some boundaries. In most cases, the flight lets her reach otherwise inaccessible Toads and areas of stages. This vibe effect also plays fast music in a happy higher tone. Joy heart sprite
Princess Peach feeling mad from Super Princess Peach. Rage Peach becomes enraged and catches fire. The fire lights up the area around her, as well as having the ability to light lamps and fuel hot air balloons. When she jumps, the resulting stomp as she comes back down can shake the ground, stunning most enemies nearby and setting off big switches. This vibe effect also plays music in an angry tone. Rage heart sprite
Princess Peach from Super Princess Peach. Gloom Peach becomes very sad and begins to cry, causing her to run faster and make plants grow for her to climb. Her tears can also make water wheels go around, opening hidden parts of stages, and can freeze onto cold surfaces to make them slippery and make it easier to get under tight spaces. Gloom heart sprite
Calm Vibe Calm Peach becomes calm, restoring HP while depleting the Vibe Gauge. The process stops when she either reaches her maximum HP, depletes the Vibe Gauge, or is attacked by an enemy. Calm heart sprite

To refill the Vibe Gauge, Peach is able to collect blue gems that are scattered around each stage. Perry is also able to eat most basic enemies to achieve the same result by picking them up while they are upside down and stunned, then pressing "Down" on the Control Pad to swallow them.

Perry's Assistance[edit]

Perry can form into several different objects to aid Peach's travels as well, from a boat to a submarine, from a cable car to a laser weapon. More details about each strategy are listed below:


Vibeless enemies
Image Name Glossary entry Description First appearance Last appearance
An A. F. H. Bro from Super Princess Peach A. F. H. Bro 24: "An annoying foe who throws hammers from a platform." Squat Hammer Bros. who swoop back-and-forth riding a winged pair of indestructible blocks, occasionally throwing a hammer to either side. Giddy Sky 7-1 Bowser's Villa 8-7
A Banzai Bill from Super Princess Peach Banzai Bill 61: "It's huge! But you can pick it up with the X Button!" Giant-sized Bullet Bills that, in spite of their size, can be attacked like the normal ones. Hoo's Wood 2-4 Giddy Sky 7-5
Green Beach Koopa SPP.png Sprite of a Red Beach Koopa in Super Princess Peach Beach Koopa none Koopa Troopas that have been evicted from their shells. This also causes them to lose any vibe abilities. Ladida Plains 1-2
Ladida Plains 1-2
Bowser's Villa 8-9
Bowser's Villa 8-5
A Big Boo from Super Princess Peach Big Boo 47: "A giant Boo. Still as shy as ever." Giant-sized, but identically acting Boos that primarily appear as obstacles in cramped parts of Shriek Mansion. If led into light, they become solid and immobilized on the ground. Shriek Mansion 3-3 Bowser's Villa 8-8
Animation of a Big Chain Chomp from Super Princess Peach Big Chain Chomp 71: "A giant Chain Chomp. Very dangerous!" Enormous unchained Chain Chomps that bounce along paths or fall into gaps, each in infinite numbers. They are completely invincible. Ladida Plains 1-7 Giddy Sky 7-8
Sprite of a Blindfold Boo in Super Princess Peach Blindfold Boo none Boos that rush Peach from behind in impenetrable swarms, only stopping when they hit a light beam. Shriek Mansion 3-3 Bowser's Villa 8-8
A Blooper from Super Princess Peach Blooper 42: "A squidlike enemy that moves oddly up and down." Squid that appear in Subrella segments, bobbing after Peach. Hoo's Wood 2-9 Bowser's Villa 8-4
A Blurp from Super Princess Peach Blurp 40: "Wears goggles and approaches in the water." Fish that swim in one direction in Subrella areas. Hoo's Wood 2-9 Bowser's Villa 8-4
A Bob-omb from Super Princess Peach Bob-omb 65: "A bomb enemy. Stomp on it and in a bit, it'll explode." Walking bombs that lose their feet and light their fuses when attacked. Ladida Plains 1-4 Bowser's Villa 8-6
A Boo from Super Princess Peach Boo 45: "A shy ghost. If you look at it, it will freeze." Small, round ghosts that only approach Peach when her back is turned. Shriek Mansion 3-1 Bowser's Villa 8-6
A Bullet Bill from Super Princess Peach Bullet Bill 59: "It's dangerous and looks hard, but try stomping it!" Munitions fired from off-screen, Bullet Bills can be defeated by any attack, even jumping. Ladida Plains 1-8 Bowser's Villa 8-7
A Cannon from Super Princess Peach Cannon 63: "An annoying enemy that attacks with cannonballs." Walking cannons that weakly shoot cannonballs so heavy they land almost immediately after firing. Shriek Mansion 3-8 Bowser's Villa 8-4
A Chain Chomp from Super Princess Peach Chain Chomp 69: "It's chained because it's dangerous! Be careful!" Biting iron balls on chains that act as aggressive guard dogs. Gleam Glacier 6-2 Giddy Sky 7-3
A Cheep Cheep from Super Princess Peach Cheep Cheep 38: "A blowfish-like creature that lives in the water." Fish found on the water's surface. Cheep Cheeps often make high leaps. Ladida Plains 1-5 Wavy Beach 5-5
Dry Bones Dry Bones 49: "A skeleton Koopa Troopa. It breaks but reassembles." Koopa Troopa skeletons that can throw their own bones and reassemble after being knocked apart by an attack. Shriek Mansion 3-1 Bowser's Villa 8-8
A Fang from Super Princess Peach Fang 72: "Attacks from the air." Bats that fly around erratically in looping patterns at Peach. Shriek Mansion 3-4 Bowser's Villa 8-5
Sprite of a Firewheel in Super Princess Peach Firewheel none Spinning invincible stone faces surrounded by flames, these enemies bounce diagonally between walls. Fury Volcano 4-3 Fury Volcano 4-5
Fishing Boo Fishing Boo 51: "A ghost version of Lakitu. It likes to fish!" Fishing ghosts that use a dangerous blue flame as a lure. Shriek Mansion 3-2 Shriek Mansion 3-3
Sprite of a Flameface in Super Princess Peach Flameface none A stationary burning head creature in Fury Volcano that can be melted with Gloom. Fury Volcano 4-2 Fury Volcano 4-5
Sprite of a Freezie in Super Princess Peach Freezie none Freezies appear as stationary roadblocks in Gleam Glacier, requiring being melted through Rage. Gleam Glacier 6-1 Gleam Glacier 6-8
A Goomba from Super Princess Peach Goomba 01: "The Mushroom Kingdom's evil traitor is a common sight." The most basic enemy, Goombas simply walk forward most of the time, though they may lunge when near Peach. Unlike most games, jumping on them does not squish them, rather knocking them around. They can be defeated by whacking, eating, or throwing them into another enemy with Perry. Ladida Plains 1-1 Bowser's Villa 8-7
Sprite of a Goombette in Super Princess Peach Goombette none Tiny Goombas dropped from brown Paragoombas, they latch on to Peach to weigh her down, but can be removed by attacking enough. Ladida Plains 1-3 Giddy Sky 7-3
A Hammer Bro from Super Princess Peach Hammer Bro 22: "A Koopa soldier that throws hammers." Elite Koopas that jump and throw and endless amount of hammers in a tall arc. Wavy Beach 5-2 Bowser's Villa 8-9
A baby Hoo Hoolet none Owlets that hatch from the eggs released by Hoo. They waddle and hop. Hoo's Wood 2-6 Hoo's Wood 2-6
A Hothead from Super Princess Peach. Hothead 55: "Avoid it as it moves along the terrain." Large, slow versions of Lil' Sparkies. Hoo's Wood 2-8 Bowser's Villa 8-5
Sprite of a Kamek in Super Princess Peach Kamek none Fly from the sides of the screen in the Giant Kamek fight, occasionally carrying crystals. Giddy Sky 7-6 Giddy Sky 7-6
A Green Koopa from Super Princess Peach A Red Koopa from Super Princess Peach Koopa Troopa 08: "A Koopa Troopa that attacks head-on."
10: "The weakest of Koopa Troopas. Wanders constantly."
Basic enemy turtles. The green ones walk off ledged and the red ones turn when reaching them. Both types' shells can be knocked around or thrown. Ladida Plains 1-2
Ladida Plains 1-3
Bowser's Villa 8-9
Bowser's Villa 8-5
A Lakitu from Super Princess Peach Lakitu 16: "An annoying enemy that attacks from his cloud." Flies around while throwing explosive Spiny Eggs toward Peach. Hoo's Wood 2-2 Giddy Sky 7-5
A Lil' Sparky from Super Princess Peach. Lil' Sparky 54: "Avoid it as it moves along the terrain." Small, quick balls of electrical fires that travel along all edges of platforms. Shriek Mansion 3-3 Bowser's Villa 8-5
A Mecha-Spike Top from Super Princess Peach. Mecha-Spike Top 20: "Known for its hard shell and spines. Walks constantly." Small, spiked turtles that can climb up walls and across the ceiling. Wavy Beach 5-1 Bowser's Villa 8-3
Sprite of a Mini-Fang Swarm in Super Princess Peach Mini-Fang Swarm none Clouds of tiny Fangs that appear in Hoo's Wood and can only be passed by dispersing them with Rage. Hoo's Wood 2-4 Hoo's Wood 2-5
A Nipper Plant from Super Princess Peach Nipper Plant 30: "A small Piranha Plant. Hops everywhere." Tint hopping Piranha Plants that can be easily defeated. Ladida Plains 1-4 Wavy Beach 5-5
A Parabomb from Super Princess Peach Parabomb 67: "A Bob-omb with a parachute. Stomp on it to blow it up." Bob-ombs that slowly descend on their parachutes while swaying. Ladida Plains 1-5 Giddy Sky 7-2
Paragoomba Red Paragoomba Paragoomba 04: "A Goomba who flies. Fights by dropping things on you."
06: "A Goomba who flies. What's next? Flying Cheep Cheeps?"
Winged Goombas, the brown ones fly for short distances and drop Goombettes, while the red ones merely hop occasionally. Stomping them makes them lose their wings. Ladida Plains 1-3
Ladida Plains 1-2
Giddy Sky 7-3
Gleam Glacier 6-5
A Paratroopa from Super Princess Peach A Red Paratroopa Paratroopa 12: "A hopping Koopa Troopa. Still flighty as ever."
14: "A floating Koopa Troopa. Rather weak."
Winged Koopa Troopas, the green ones usually hop forward while the red ones fly up and down. Stomping them removes their wings. Ladida Plains 1-2
Ladida Plains 1-3
Bowser's Villa 8-9
Bowser's Villa 8-5
A Piranha Plant from Super Princess Peach. Sprite may be incorrect since this was pieced together. Piranha Plant 28: "Snaps at everything! Don't just jump onto it!" Giant immobile plants that capture Peach in their mouths if she comes too close. Ladida Plains 1-4 Giddy Sky 7-7
Podoboo Sprite of a Blue Podoboo in Super Princess Peach Podoboo 53: "Avoid this fireball that jumps out of lava!" Lava balls that leap upward. The orange ones simply fall back down, but the cyan ones slowly follow her through the air. Fury Volcano 4-1
Bowser's Villa 8-2
Bowser's Villa 8-4
Bowser's Villa 8-8
A Pokey from Super Princess Peach Pokey 36: "A thorny cactuslike foe. Avoid it by jumping." Three segmented cacti that slowly wiggle around. They can be defeated with the Poundbrella. Wavy Beach 5-2 Gleam Glacier 6-9
A Ptooie from Super Princess Peach Ptooie 32: "Throws balls while walking. A type of Piranha Plant." Walking Piranha Plants that use their breath to keep a spiked ball suspended in the air over them. Ladida Plains 1-8 Wavy Beach 5-3
A Raven from Super Princess Peach Raven 74: "Cute...but still a foe. It moves along the terrain." Baby birds that walk quickly along floors, walls, and ceilings. Hoo's Wood 2-2 Giddy Sky 7-3
A Rex from Super Princess Peach. Rex 76: "A dinosaur-like enemy. Flip it with two stomps." Flightless dragons that take an extra hit to knock over and move faster between the hits, but otherwise act like most basic enemies. Fury Volcano 4-1 Wavy Beach 5-8
Sprite of a Rockethand pair in Super Princess Peach Rockethands none Robotic arms that appear from the edges of the screen in Bowser's Villa before rocketing together to catch Peach. If they succeed, she can break lose by squirming enough, but otherwise they explode shortly. Bowser's Villa 8-5 Bowser's Villa 8-7
Sprite of a Sandslab in Super Princess Peach Sandslab none A living, but stationary, block of sand in Wavy Beach that can be defeated by ramming it with Gloom. Wavy Beach 5-1 Wavy Beach 5-5
Sprite of a Security Thwomp in Super Princess Peach Security Thwomp none Massive Thwomps in statue galleries of Bowser's Villa that periodically open their eyes to scan for intruders, which they remove on sight. They can be tricked by disguising as the rooms' statues. Bowser's Villa 8-1 Bowser's Villa 8-9
Sprite of a Smogball in Super Princess Peach Smogball none Stationary yellow clouds that appear in Ladida Plains and Giddy Sky and can only be dissipated with Joy. Ladida Plains 1-3 Giddy Sky 7-5
Sprite of a Snowman in Super Princess Peach Snowman none Stationary entities in Gleam Glacier that can be defeated by whacking them repeatedly or with Rage. Gleam Glacier 6-1 Gleam Glacier 6-5
A Spike Spike 26: "Spits iron balls from its mouth. Jump on it!" Squat turtle that regurgitate and throw large spiked balls as they walk. Hoo's Wood 2-9 Fury Volcano 4-3
A Sad Spiny Spiny 18: "An annoying enemy whose spikes you can't jump on." Spiked turtles that cannot be safely jumped on, though their shells can be used when flipped. Hoo's Wood 2-2 Giddy Sky 7-5
A sprite of the Starfish from Super Princess Peach. Starfish 79: "A star-shaped foe rumored to be the prince of a kingdom?" A cameo of the eponymous protagonist of The Legendary Starfy, the Starfish makes a few scattered appearances with various behaviors. Hoo's Wood 2-5 Gleam Glacier 6-4
Sprite of a Thump in Super Princess Peach Thump none Large rocks that must be pounded down from above with Rage. Fury Volcano 4-2 Fury Volcano 4-9
A Thwomp from Super Princess Peach. Possibly an incorrect sprite. Thwomp 56: "Starts to attack as you move closer. Avoid it!" Rocky guards that pound the ground when approached. Ladida Plains 1-9 Bowser's Villa 8-7
A Torpedo Ted from Super Princess Peach Torpedo Ted 57: "An underwater version of Bullet Bill. Watch out!" Aquatic rounds in Subrella segments that shoot straight forward. Wavy Beach 5-5 Bowser's Villa 8-4
Sprite of a torpedo tube in Super Princess Peach Torpedo tube none Black boxes in Subrella segments that release an endless amount of Torpedo Teds and G. Torpedo Teds, often with both coming from the same base. Wavy Beach 5-5 Bowser's Villa 8-4
An Urchin Urchin 44: "Meanders through water. Watch those spines!" Invincible sea creatures that move slowly back and forth in Subrella segments. Ladida Plains 1-9 Bowser's Villa 8-4
A Volcano Plant Volcano Plant 34: "Spits at you from its spot on the ground. Look out!" Fiery flowers that spit four fireballs high, which slowly float downward. Ladida Plains 1-3 Wavy Beach 5-2
Walruss Walruss 78: "Apparently spends time on ice eating snow cones." Giant residents of Gleam Glacier that leap from the snow, grow even larger, and start flailing in place. They can be defeated with multiple hits from Perry, or with Joy or Rage. Gleam Glacier 6-1 Gleam Glacier 6-5
Sprite of a Weighdown in Super Princess Peach Weighdown none Ghostly entities that float in small groups, transparent. If Peach attempts to use Joy near them, they turn solid and swarm her, pulling her down and preventing her from using it as a shortcut. Shriek Mansion 3-3 Shriek Mansion 3-3
Joy heart sprite Joy enemies Joy heart sprite
Image Name Glossary entry Description First appearance Last appearance
A G. R. P-Troopa G. R. P-Troopa 15: "Floats without a care in figure 8s while happy." Cheerful Paratroopas that fly in 8 or ∞ patterns. Shriek Mansion 3-9 Giddy Sky 7-4
A G. Torpedo Ted from Super Princess Peach. G. Torpedo Ted 58: "Happily moves through the water as it attacks." Torpedo Teds that bob as they move. Wavy Beach 5-5 Bowser's Villa 8-3
Glad Bob-omb Glad Bob-omb 66: "Skips happily toward you. It explodes, so be careful!" Jumpy Bob-ombs with confetti explosions. Fury Volcano 4-2 Giddy Sky 7-5
A Glad Blooper Glad Blooper 43: "A laid-back enemy that swims happily in the water." Bloopers that swim in chaotic patterns oblivious to Peach. Ladida Plains 1-9 Bowser's Villa 8-3
A Glad Fang from Super Princess Peach. Glad Fang 73: "Dances happily and attacks!" Fangs that swoop around at random. Ladida Plains 1-7 Bowser's Villa 8-9
A Glad P. Plant from Super Princess Peach. Sprite may be incorrect. Glad P. Plant 29: "Dances around happily and spits fireballs." Piranha Plants that can fly and spit arcing fireballs. Ladida Plains 1-9 Gleam Glacier 6-7
A Glad Parabomb from Super Princess Peach. Glad Parabomb 68: "Gets happy when it loses its parachute. Then it skips." Parabombs that float down waving back-and-forth dramatically. Fury Volcano 4-2 Giddy Sky 7-5
Glad Ptooie Glad Ptooie 33: "Does a happy dance and throws balls in the air." Ptooies that twirl while juggling a ball between locations. If the ball is lost, it becomes aggressive despite still being happy. Hoo's Wood 2-4 Wavy Beach 5-9
A Glad Red Koopa from Super Princess Peach Glad Red Koopa 11: "A Koopa Troopa who has learned to jump happily." Koopa Troopas that skip as they move. Ladida Plains 1-2 Bowser's Villa 8-4
Rage heart sprite Rage enemies Rage heart sprite
Image Name Glossary entry Description First appearance Last appearance
M. M-Spike Top sprite from Super Princess Peach. M. M-Spike Top 21: "A dangerous foe that can stretch its spines." Mecha-Spike Tops with an extendable spike they can only stretch when stopping. Fury Volcano 4-4 Bowser's Villa 8-7
M. Red P-Goomba M. Red P-Goomba 07: "Can cling to cliffs when angry." Aggressive Paragoombas that leap after Peach and can jump up walls. Shriek Mansion 3-8 Bowser's Villa 8-5
Mad Banzai Bill Mad Banzai Bill 62: "A super bullet that attacks angrily at high speed." High-speed Banzai Bills. Ladida Plains 1-8 Bowser's Villa 8-9
Mad Big Boo Mad Big Boo 48: "It's not shy anymore! It's angry and enormous!" Big Boos that now only attack when faced. Shriek Mansion 3-5 Bowser's Villa 8-6
A Mad Blurp Mad Blurp 41: "Quivers with anger as it hunts enemies." Blurps that home in on wherever Peach was when they first catch sight of her. Ladida Plains 1-9 Bowser's Villa 8-4
A Mad Boo Mad Boo 46: "An angry ghost that will attack you if you look at it!" Spiteful Boos that pursue Peach when looked at but become apathetic when turned away from. Shriek Mansion 3-5 Bowser's Villa 8-6
A Mad Bullet Bill from Super Princess Peach. Mad Bullet Bill 60: "A super foe that attacks at high speed." Bullet Bills that shoot at intense speeds, covering them with flames. Hoo's Wood 2-8 Giddy Sky 7-7
A Mad G. P-Troopa Mad G. P-Troopa 13: "Floats angrily to and fro. Attacks foes upon sight." Paratroopas that patrol a small area in the air, charging when they see Peach. Ladida Plains 1-9 Bowser's Villa 8-4
A Mad Goomba from Super Princess Peach Mad Goomba 02: "Its expression when it causes an earthquake is great." Goombas that can shake the floor to immobilize Peach. Ladida Plains 1-1 Bowser's Villa 8-1
A Mad Green Koopa from Super Princess Peach Mad Green Koopa 09: "Attacks angrily like a spoiled child!" Koopa Troopas that charge at Peach on sight. Ladida Plains 1-4 Bowser's Villa 8-4
A Mad Pokey from Super Princess Peach. Mad Pokey 37: "Will stretch its spine-covered body angrily." Pokeys that extend from three segments to five. Wavy Beach 5-3 Wavy Beach 5-8
A Mad Spike Mad Spike 27: "Jumps angrily and throws iron balls!" Spikes that leap as they move and attack. Ladida Plains 1-7 Fury Volcano 4-2
Gloom heart sprite Gloom enemies Gloom heart sprite
Image Name Glossary entry Description First appearance Last appearance
A Sad Cheep Cheep Sad Cheep Cheep 39: "A high-jumping Cheep Cheep." Cheep Cheeps that use their tears to propel higher when jumping. Wavy Beach 5-1 Gleam Glacier 6-4
Sad Dry Bones Sad Dry Bones 50: "Weeps sadly and throws bones." Dry Bones that throw bones quickly and erratially. Shriek Mansion 3-1 Bowser's Villa 8-5
A Sad Goomba from Super Princess Peach Sad Goomba 03: "Attacks when it's sad so you feel bad attacking." Goombas that run at breakneck speeds no matter what is in front of them. Ladida Plains 1-1 Giddy Sky 7-8
A Sad N. Plant Sad N. Plant 31: "Attacks foes without a thought since it's so sad." Nipper Plants that jump in inconsistent, erratic patterns. Ladida Plains 1-7 Wavy Beach 5-5
Sad Paragoomba Sad Paragoomba 05: "Gets in your way by flying back and forth while sad." Paragoombas that slowly fly back-and-forth. Ladida Plains 1-6 Giddy Sky 7-8
A Sad Raven from Super Princess Peach. Sad Raven 75: "So sad, it sometimes causes earthquakes." Ravens that sometimes stop to scream and grow briefly, causing tremors. Hoo's Wood 2-4 Giddy Sky 7-3
A Sad Rex from Super Princess Peach. Sad Rex 77: "Gets sad and attacks when it sees an enemy." Rexes that hold still until they see Peach, at which point they charge her. Ladida Plains 1-9 Gleam Glacier 6-8
Sad Spiny.png Sad Spiny 19: "Speeds back and forth while sad and crying." Spinies that run at full speeds oblivious to anything around them. Ladida Plains 1-7 Bowser's Villa 8-4
Calm heart sprite Calm enemies Calm heart sprite
Image Name Glossary entry Description First appearance Last appearance
C. A. F. H. Bro C. A. F. H. Bro 25: "Attack this sleeping enemy without getting close." All calm enemies sleep until Peach moves too quickly near them, which wakes them and causes them to act as their normal counterparts. Hoo's Wood 2-7 Giddy Sky 7-4
C. Chain Chomp C. Chain Chomp 70: "Annoying if you wake it up. Jump quietly!" Hoo's Wood 2-8 Bowser's Villa 8-2
A C. Fishing Boo from Super Princess Peach C. Fishing Boo 52: "Walk quietly by when it's sleeping." Shriek Mansion 3-5 Shriek Mansion 3-5
A C. V. Plant from Super Princess Peach C. V. Plant 35: "Approach quietly while it sleeps and defeat it!" Hoo's Wood 2-7 Hoo's Wood 2-7
Calm Cannon Calm Cannon 64: "Wipe this foe out as it sleeps calmly." Shriek Mansion 3-8 Bowser's Villa 8-2
Calm Hammer Bro Calm Hammer Bro 23: "Attack this sleeping enemy after quietly approaching!" Wavy Beach 5-2 Bowser's Villa 8-9
Calm Lakitu Calm Lakitu 17: "Sleeps calmly. Walk softly so as not to wake him." Hoo's Wood 2-7 Giddy Sky 7-3


Image Name Description First appearance Last appearance
Sprite of a Ball 'N' Chain in Super Princess Peach Ball 'N' Chain Spheres resembling Bowser's shell that swing back-and-forth towards and away from the camera like a pendulum. Bowser's Villa 8-1 Bowser's Villa 8-6
Sprite of a Fire Bar in Super Princess Peach Fire Bar Lines of fireballs that spin around blocks. Bowser's Villa 8-1 Bowser's Villa 8-9
Sprite of a Flamethrower in Super Princess Peach Flamethrower Holes in the walls of Fury Volcano that periodically let flame jets through. Fury Volcano 4-1 Fury Volcano 4-9
Sprite of an icicle in Super Princess Peach Icicle Falling ice spikes at Gleam Glacier. Gleam Glacier 6-1 Gleam Glacier 6-5
Sprite of a Spike Trap in Super Princess Peach Spike Trap Immobile spiked obstacles. Aside from the metallic sphere type, some spikes are part of the ground. Ladida Plains 1-3 Gleam Glacier 6-7


Upon completion of the main five levels in each of the first seven worlds, Peach is able to proceed to the respective boss area. Each boss uses a vibe ability at some point during the battle; in most cases, this is after three out of five hits, and generally lasts the remainder of the battle. In order to face the final showdown at Bowser's Villa, however, all the Toads prior to this level have to be rescued. When this criteria is met, Peach and Perry are able to proceed toward the final showdown with Army Hammer Bro and Bowser.

Image Name Vibe World Glossary entry Description
Boss P. Plant Boss P. Plant (US)
Petey Piranha (EU)
Rage heart sprite Ladida Plains 80: "A big Piranha Plant. Its belly button is vulnerable?" A giant Piranha Plant that inhales deeply before spitting out Nipper Plant groups, roars, and swipes up fast shockwaves with his leaf arms. He can be damaged by using Gloom while he inhales, filling his belly with Peach's tears, then jumping on his bellybutton after it distends.

Once he uses Rage, he begins leaping around the arena rather than staying in place.

Hoo Hoo Joy heart sprite Hoo's Wood 81: "The protector of Hoo's Wood. Attacks when threatened." A massive owl who sends trios of eggs slowly down which hatch into babies and swoops at Peach, allowing it to be jumped on.

When it uses Joy, it uses its eggs to destroy the platform Peach is on, sending her into a freefall as it follows her through the air. It then spawns eggs to orbit around it while moving outward. Peach can raise over it by using joy herself, allowing her to stomp on it.

King Boo sprite King Boo Gloom heart sprite Shriek Mansion 82: "The boss of the Boos. It fears the light!" A huge Boo who follows Peach relentlessly and spawns blue fireballs. He can be damaged by lighting all four torches in the room with Rage, though he puts them out every time he gets hurt.

When he uses Gloom, he gains the ability to put out the torches by being near them due to his tears.

Wiggler boss sprite Wiggler Rage heart sprite Fury Volcano 83: "Usually quiet, but it gets angry when stepped on!" A giant, irritable caterpillar that simply wanders back-and-forth. If it is jumped on, it becomes angry for a brief period, moving faster and causing rocks to fall from above. To damage it, Rage must be used to compress a piston so it shoots up from underneath, flipping Wiggler over, after which she must stomp a flashing segment, after which it rights itself and becomes angry briefly. If she stomps the wrong segment or leaves it flipped too long, it will right itself and become angry with no harm done. Additionally, if it is flipped while angry, it calms down and rights itself.

When it uses Rage, it becomes angry and uses its flower to fill the air with smoke, which can be fanned away by spinning with Joy, but will slowly return for the remainder of the fight.

Gooper Blooper sprite Gooper Blooper Calm heart sprite Wavy Beach 84: "The Blooper boss. It can attack with its tentacles." An enormous Blooper that attacks from the background with his four tentacles, which he uses to try to grab Peach, but become vulnerable if it misses. Each time a tentacle is attacked, he retaliates by shooting several balls of goop, which can be cleared with Gloom, before hiding his mouth. Once all four tentacles are gone, he stops hiding his mouth, allowing him to be damaged when he finishes spitting goop. Once he is hurt, he brings his tentacles back out.

When he uses Calm, he falls asleep and blows a bubble. To prevent him from healing damage, the bubble must be quickly popped with repeated attacks.

Blizzaurus in her sprite and dragon forms Blizzaurus Joy heart sprite Gleam Glacier 85: "The dragon of Gleam Glacier. It used to be a sprite." An icy dragon encased in a ball of ice, Blizzaurus can charge or shoot a freezing ice beam to attack. To damage her, Peach must use Rage to chip away the ice around her, with the damage occurring as soon as the shield shatters. Once she recovers, she brings the shield back.

When she uses Joy, she assumes her true form as a sprite and flies high above, still surrounding herself with an ice barrier. She uses her magic to drop massive icicles onto the arena, which can be climbed on to use rage at a height more easily affecting her.

Giant Kamek from Super Princess Peach. Giant Kamek Gloom heart sprite Giddy Sky 86: "A Kamek made huge with magic! It can teleport!" The boss of the Kameks, Giant Kamek teleports around, using its wand to fire spells and occasionally calling several Kameks to fly across the arena. To damage it, Joy must be used near its face, causing its head to spin around and make it dizzy, allowing it to be attacked normally.

When it uses Gloom, its actions become more erratic and the cloud platform used to reach it before disappears, necessitating further usage of Joy.

Army Hammer Bro Army Hammer Bro Rage heart sprite Bowser's Villa 87: "The Hammer Bros. leader. Stronger than the others?" Bowser's most elite minion in the game, he throws larger hammers than normal Hammer Bros and jumps much further, moving across the battlefield.

Army Hammer Bro uses Rage as the fight begins and continues to do so throughout the fight, summoning Hammer Bro minions.

Bowser sprite Bowser Joy heart spriteGloom heart spriteRage heart sprite Bowser's Villa 88: "Mario's old enemy. Uses the power of Vibe Island..." Bowser charges, throws hammers, and breathes fire. Using the Vibe scepter, he makes use of multiple vibes in battle.

When using Joy, he leaps at Peach repeatedly, with each landing creating slow-moving shockwaves in both directions.
When using Gloom, he throws six hammers high into the air at once, which descend at a massive size.
When using Rage, he becomes more aggressive and all of his normal attacks become much more dangerous.

Bowser 2 sprite Bowser 2 Calm heart sprite Bowser's Villa 89: "He wasn't beaten! Hit his eyes with a Bob-omb!" The giant version of Bowser slams his hands down, rains spiked balls, breathes fire in singular balls, larger bursts, or long streams requiring a large inhale, summons rings of ghostly hammers to scatter across the screen, and summons Bob-ombs. To damage him, a Bob-omb must be made to explode right in front of his eyes.

When he uses Calm (with the use of the Vibe Scepter), he closes his eyes and a translucent Bowser symbol appears. Peach needs to quickly destroy the Bowser symbol by attacking it several times before he can heal.

Game Extras[edit]

During the course of gameplay, there are extra unlockable materials that players can obtain upon meeting certain criteria. These unlockables can be accessed by pressing L Button to open up the menu when the player is on a map screen.


Every time the player defeats an enemy (or, in the case of an invincible enemy, first visits its stage), the enemy's description will appear in a bestiary-like glossary. A few enemies are not included.


Three minigames can be unlocked by playing through the course of the game: Toad Jump, Toad Tote, and Toad Shot. Initially, there is only one level that can played for each upon unlocking the minigame. Additional levels can be found hidden in stages or by purchasing them from the shop. Each minigame has ten levels. There is also one that is playable during the intro sequence, when Peach obtains Perry from Toadsworth. It can be replayed by holding R Button and pressing Start Button.


Eight puzzles are assembled by collecting the puzzle pieces hidden throughout stages and by purchasing them from the shop. Only upon finding all the pieces to a puzzle can the player actually attempt to put it together.

Music Room[edit]

The Music Room for Super Princess Peach is where the player is able to listen to the game's musical score and some of Peach's voices. In order to unlock this extra, the player has to find or purchase at least one soundtrack. The tracks are shown to be played by the band to the left of the screen, called the Peach Hit Five. Initially, it only consists of Peach and Toadsworth, but once more soundtracks have been unlocked, three Toads will join. There is a total of 60 soundtracks in the game, five of which are Peach's voice overs.


After each boss battle, Peach and Perry rest before continuing on to the next area in Vibe Island. During each rest period, Perry has a recurring dream that seems to reveal more and more about his past. Perry's story shows that he was originally a human boy, but was taken from his grandfather by a pair of evildoers who transform him into an umbrella, trapping him in that form. Luckily, he managed to escape from them and used his magic glow to attract a traveling merchant Toad who added him to his wares. Eventually, Toadsworth met Perry and bought him from the merchant, leading to the events of the main game. The story itself is completely separate from Peach's main tasks in her adventure. There are a total of seven sequences in all. At least one "Perry's Dream" sequence has to be viewed in the main game itself in order for this option to be available.

Additionally, if the player has purchased the Endless Vibe item, the player is given the option to turn it on or off here.


Super Princess Peach received mixed to positive reviews. Generally, critics have praised the platforming gameplay, while the game's difficulty has received criticism.

Release Reviewer, Publication Score Verdict
Nintendo DS Carig Harris, IGN 7.8/10 "There are two sides of the Super Princess Peach fence: on the one hand, you pretty much know what you're getting into with a game starring Nintendo's very, very female protagonist - a game most likely designed and marketed for the girl audience. On the other hand, it's a Nintendo developed platform game, and these generally have a level of expectation. It's an interesting balance, and ultimately Nintendo did a good job with Peach's first starring game. Even if it's a little too easy for the usual gaming crowd."
Nintendo DS Ryan Davis, GameSpot 7.2/10 "Those looking for the next great Super Mario Bros. experience will undoubtedly be let down by Super Princess Peach and will have to wait for New Super Mario Bros. for their next opportunity. Super Princess Peach is still a fun platformer with a fair amount of cutesy charm, one that takes great steps to differentiate itself from the series it's derived from. The competence with which Super Princess Peach is made makes it a wonderful introduction to 2D platformers for the young, the casual, or the uninitiated, but experienced platform players won't find enough challenge to sink their teeth into."
Nintendo DS Mathew Kumar, Eurogamer 6/10 "Super Princess Peach is not a truly remarkable title on the scale of Mario & Luigi, not only as it's not very funny, but its innovations in interface and design actually make it slightly less fun than it might be if you played it 'straight'. But neither is it a shameless cash-in. The game, though a solely single-player experience, has not only a fun story mode, but a host of extras adding longevity in the face of its relative ease. It's fun for a while, but its star doesn't shine bright enough to be anything but ultimately forgettable."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 75
GameRankings 76.60%

Pre-release and unused content[edit]

Main article: List of Super Princess Peach pre-release and unused content


Main article: List of Super Princess Peach staff


For this subject's image gallery, see Gallery:Super Princess Peach.


Main article: List of Super Princess Peach media
Audio.svg Title - Plays during the title screen of the game.
File infoMedia:SPP - Music - Title Screen.oga
Audio.svg Area Selection - Plays during world map screen for Vibe Island.
File infoMedia:SPP - Music - Vibe Island.oga
Audio.svg Ladida Plains 1 - Background music for the odd-numbered levels of Ladida Plains.
File infoMedia:SPP - Music - Ladida Plains 1.oga
Audio.svg Fury Volcano M - Plays on the level select screen for Fury Volcano.
File infoMedia:SPP - Music - Welcome to Fury Volcano!.oga
Audio.svg Perry's Dream 2 - Plays during Perry's final dream sequence.
File infoMedia:SPP - Music - Perry's Dream.oga
Audio.svg Bowser 2 - Plays during the second (and final) phase of the Bowser boss fight.
File infoMedia:SPP - Music - Bowser (Phase 2).oga
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References to other games[edit]

  • Super Mario Bros. 2: One of Peach's primary ways of defeating enemies, by picking them up and throwing them at each other to defeat them, is reused from this game. Also, the Floatbrella move works like Peach's gliding did in this game.
  • Donkey Kong: The final boss fight against Bowser bears some resemblance to the final battle against Donkey Kong in the 1994 Game Boy game, including his becoming giant and also the protagonist using some weapons he knocks down against him to defeat him by throwing them to his face (Mario using barrels on Donkey Kong, and Princess Peach using Bob-ombs against Bowser, respectively). Similarly, both Bowser and Donkey Kong's transformations occurred due to contact with an item earlier (Donkey Kong due to landing on several Super Mushrooms, and Bowser using the Vibe Scepter in a last ditch effort to defeat Peach).
  • Super Mario World: Some of the enemies in this game reappear in Super Princess Peach. Most of the Brick Blocks resemble Rotating Blocks.
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: Some of the enemies in this game return in Super Princess Peach. The lamps in Shriek Mansion 3-2 resemble the Spooky enemy from this game. Some of the Brick Blocks resemble Egg Blocks. Giant Kamek enlarges himself for his battle, similar to how Kamek did so for the bosses in this game. The Bowser battle has a second phase where the player must throw objects at his face, like with his younger self in this game. Perry eating enemies to recharge the Vibe Meter is similar to Yoshis eating enemies to gain eggs.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: Toadsworth, Petey Piranha, and Gooper Blooper return in this game. Petey Piranha, Wiggler, and Gooper Blooper are defeated in similar ways to their respective battles from this game.

References in later games[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパー プリンセスピーチ
Sūpā Purinsesu Pīchi
Super Princess Peach

Korean 슈퍼 프린세스 피치
Syupeo Peulinseseu Pichi
Super Princess Peach



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