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This article is about the Nintendo DS game. For the form of Princess Peach seen when playing as her in Super Mario Bros. 2, Super Mario 3D World, and in post-Fall 2017 versions of Super Mario Run, see Super Mario (form).
Super Princess Peach
Super Princess Peach box art.png
North American box art
For alternate box art, see the game's gallery.
Developer TOSE Software Co.
Nintendo SPD Group No.2
Publisher Nintendo
Platforms Nintendo DS
Release date Japan October 20, 2005
ROC October 20, 2005
South Korea November 4, 2005[1]
USA February 27, 2006
Australia March 30, 2006
Europe May 26, 2006[2]
Genre Platform
ESRB:ESRB E.svg - Everyone
PEGI:PEGI 3.svg - Three years and older
CERO:CERO A.svg - All ages
ACB:ACB G.svg - General
USK:USK 0.svg - All ages
Mode(s) Single player
Nintendo DS:
Game Card
Nintendo DS:

Super Princess Peach is a platformer title for the Nintendo DS. In this game, the roles are reversed. Rather than Mario starring as the protagonist and Princess Peach the classic damsel-in-distress, it is Mario, Luigi, and the Toads who are the ones in need, as they are kidnapped and taken to Vibe Island by Bowser, who has stolen the Vibe Scepter, a magical item capable of influencing emotions. Princess Peach, with the help of a talking umbrella, Perry, and her own powers of emotion, must rescue them. This is the second adventure installment in the Mario franchise in which Peach appears as a stand-alone playable character, with the first being the Nelsonic Game Watch game Princess Toadstool's Castle Run.


Mario, Luigi, and Toad are captured and imprisoned.
Mario, Luigi, and Toad are captured and imprisoned.
Mario, Luigi, and Toad are captured and imprisoned.

While Princess Peach is on a stroll, Bowser and the Koopa Troop, with the Vibe Scepter take over her castle, capturing Mario, Luigi, and Toad. Upon Peach's return, she finds her castle guards in a variety of emotions ranging from crying, happy, or angry. Peach then decides to rescue Mario, Luigi, and Toad, who have rescued her on many occasions in the past. Before she leaves, Toadsworth gives her a magical, sapient umbrella named Perry, whom he recently bought from a merchant. Perry offers to help Princess Peach on her journey. The story of Perry before he was purchased by Toadsworth is revealed throughout multiple dream sequences. Regardless, as Peach travels throughout Vibe Island, Perry is shown to be a very useful ally in many situations.


Vibe Island locations[edit]

Vibe Island is the World Map for Super Princess Peach, consisting of eight locations (or Worlds):

  • Ladida Plains: A normal grassland world, with generic enemies being common.
  • Hoo's Wood: A forest-themed world, with generic enemies being common.
  • Shriek Mansion: A Mansion-themed world, with ghost and sad enemies being common.
  • Fury Volcano: A volcano/lava world, with fire and angry enemies being common.
  • Wavy Beach: A beach-themed world, with generic enemies being common.
  • Gleam Glacier: An ice world, with sad and angry enemies being common.
  • Giddy Sky: An aerial, sky-themed world, with calm and glad enemies being commmon.
  • Bowser's Villa: Bowser's Castle, with all types of enemies.

Peach's Vibes[edit]

During the course of gameplay, the player is able to help Peach trigger one of four vibe abilities, provided she has an adequate amount of energy in the Vibe Gauge (located on the top left screen of the Nintendo DS, below her main health meter) to do so. In order to do this, there are four colored Heart Panels on the bottom screen, each representing a certain vibe. The player can touch them to allow Peach to proceed with the related action for each vibe ability.

The four vibes are as listed on the following chart:

Peach's Vibe Picture Vibe Name Vibe Effect Heart
Princess Peach (Joy Vibe) - Super Princess Peach.png
Peach becomes very happy and gains the ability to float when the player presses A. When the player releases A, Peach also creates a tornado which dispels air and gets rid of some boundaries. In most cases, the flight lets her reach otherwise inaccessible Toads and areas of stages. This vibe effect also plays fast music in a happy higher tone.
SPP-Joy Heart Sprite.png
Princess Peach (Rage Vibe) - Super Princess Peach.png
Peach becomes enraged and catches fire. The fire lights up the area around her, as well as having the ability to fuel hot air balloons. When she jumps, the resulting stomp as she comes back down can shake the ground, stunning most enemies nearby and setting off big switches. This vibe effect also plays music in an angry tone.
SPP-Rage Heart Sprite.png
Princess Peach (Gloom Vibe) - Super Princess Peach.png
Peach becomes extremely sad and begins to cry, causing her to run faster and make plants grow for her to climb. Her tears can also make water wheels go around, opening hidden parts of stages, and can freeze onto cold surfaces to make them slippery and make it easier to get under tight spaces.
SPP-Gloom Heart Sprite.png
Spp calm peach.png
Peach becomes calm, restoring HP while depleting the Vibe Gauge. The process stops when she either reaches her maximum HP, depletes the Vibe Gauge, or is attacked by an enemy.
SPP-Calm Heart Sprite.png

To refill the Vibe Gauge, Peach is able to collect blue gems that are scattered around each stage. Perry is also able to eat most basic enemies to achieve the same result by picking them up while they are upside down and stunned, then pressing "Down" on the Control Pad to swallow them.

Perry's Assistance[edit]

Perry can form into several different objects to aid Peach's travels as well, from a boat to a submarine, from a cable car to a laser weapon. More details about each strategy are listed below:

Boss Battles[edit]

Worlds 1 through 7[edit]

Upon completion of the main five levels in each world, Peach is able to proceed to the boss area. The first seven bosses are as listed below:

The Final Showdown (World 8)[edit]

This procedure has the same layout like the previous boss battles. However, in order to face the final showdown with Bowser, all the Toads prior to this level have to be rescued. When this criteria is met, Peach and Perry are able to proceed toward the final showdown with Bowser.

Unlike previous boss battles, where Peach and Perry only fight one major boss at the end of each world, the final showdown is split up into three confrontations, consisting of:

  • Army Hammer Bro: Bowser uses the Vibe Scepter, transforming the black-shelled Hammer Bro into this state.
  • Bowser: After defeating Army Hammer Bro, Peach and Perry give chase to the next floor for their first real confrontation against Bowser.
  • Bowser 2: Bowser uses the Vibe Scepter once again, resulting in him growing up to enormous proportions. Peach and Perry's final confrontation is held at this point.

Game Extras[edit]

During the course of gameplay, there are extra unlockable materials that players can obtain upon meeting certain criteria. These unlockables can be accessed by pressing L Button to open up the menu when the player is on a map screen.


Every time the player defeats an enemy (or, in the case of an invincible enemy, first visits its stage), the enemy's description will appear in a bestiary-like glossary. Beach Koopa, Blindfold Boo, Mini Goomba, Magikoopa, Blue Podoboo and Security Thwomp are not included.

# Image Name Description
01 SPPGoomba.gif Goomba The Mushroom Kingdom's evil traitor is a common sight.
02 SPPMadGoomba.png Mad Goomba Its expression when it causes an earthquake is great.
03 SPPSadGoomba.png Sad Goomba Attacks when it's sad so you feel bad attacking.
04 SPPParagoomba.png Paragoomba A Goomba who flies. Fights by dropping things on you.
05 Sad Paragoomba.png Sad Paragoomba Gets in your way by flying back and forth while sad.
06 SPPRedParagoomba.png Red Paragoomba A Goomba who flies. What's next? Flying Cheep Cheeps?
07 Mad Red Paragoomba.png Mad Red Paragoomba Can cling to cliffs when angry.
08 SPPKoopaTroopa.png Green Koopa A Koopa Troopa that attacks head-on.
09 Mad Green Koopa.png Mad Green Koopa Attacks angrily like a spoiled child!
10 SPPRedKoopaTroopa.png Red Koopa The weakest of Koopa Troopas. Wanders constantly.
11 Gladkoopa.png Glad Red Koopa A Koopa Troopa who has learned to jump happily.
12 SPPParatroopa.png Paratroopa A hopping Koopa Troopa. Still flighty as ever.
13 Mad Green Paratroopa.png Mad Green Paratroopa Floats angrily to and fro. Attacks foes upon sight.
14 SPPRedParaT.png Red Paratroopa A floating Koopa Troopa. Rather weak.
15 Glad Red Paratroopa.png Glad Red Paratroopa Floats without a care in figure 8s while happy.
16 SPPLakitu.png Lakitu An annoying enemy that attacks from his cloud.
17 Calm Lakitu.png Calm Lakitu Sleeps calmly. Walk softly so as not to wake him.
18 SPPSpiny.png Spiny An annoying enemy whose spikes you can't jump on.
19 Sad Spiny.png Sad Spiny Speeds back and forth while sad and crying.
20 SPPMecha-SpikeTop.png Mecha-Spike Top Known for its hard shell and spines. Walks constantly.
21 MadMechaSpikeTop.png Mad Mecha-Spike Top A dangerous foe that can stretch its spines.
22 SPPHammerBro.png Hammer Bro A Koopa soldier that throws hammers.
23 Calm Hammer Bro.png Calm Hammer Bro Attack this sleeping enemy after quietly approaching!
24 SPPAmazingFlyinHammerBro.png Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother An annoying foe who throws hammers from a platform.
25 Calm Amazing Flyin Hammer Bro.png Calm Amazing Flyin' Hammer Brother Attack this sleeping enemy without getting close.
26 SPPSpike.png Spike Spits iron balls from its mouth. Jump on it!
27 Mad Spike.png Mad Spike Jumps angrily and throws iron balls!
28 SPPPirahnaPlant.png Piranha Plant Snaps at everything! Don't just jump onto it!
29 SPPGladPiranhaPlant.png Glad Piranha Plant Dances around happily and spits fireballs.
30 SPPNipperPlant.png Nipper Plant A small Piranha Plant. Hops everywhere.
31 Sad Nipper Plant.png Sad Nipper Plant Attacks foes without a thought since it's so sad.
32 SPPPtooie.png Ptooie Throws balls while walking. A type of Piranha Plant.
33 Glad Ptooie.png Glad Ptooie Does a happy dance and throws balls in the air.
34 SPPVolcanoPlant.png Volcano Plant Spits at you from its spot on the ground. Look out!
35 SPPCalmVolcanoPlant.png Calm Volcano Plant Approach quietly while it sleeps and defeat it!
36 SPPPokey.png Pokey A thorny cactuslike foe. Avoid it by jumping.
37 SPP Mad Pokey.png Mad Pokey Will stretch its spine-covered body angrily.
38 SPPCheepcheep.png Cheep Cheep A blowfish-like creature that lives in the water.
39 Sad Cheep Cheep.png Sad Cheep Cheep A high-jumping Cheep Cheep.
40 SPPBlurp.png Blurp Wears goggles and approaches in the water.
41 Mad Blurp.png Mad Blurp Quivers with anger as it hunts enemies.
42 SPPBlooper.png Blooper A squidlike enemy that moves oddly up and down.
43 Gladblooper.png Glad Blooper A laid-back enemy that swims happily in the water.
44 SPPUrchin.png Urchin Meanders through water. Watch those spines!
45 SPPBoo.png Boo A shy ghost. If the player looks at it, it will freeze.
46 Mad Boo.png Mad Boo An angry ghost that will attack the player if the player looks at it!
47 SPPBigBoo.png Big Boo A giant Boo. Still as shy as ever.
48 Mad Big Boo.png Mad Big Boo It's not shy anymore! It's angry and enormous!
49 Dry Bones SPP.png Dry Bones A skeleton Koopa Troopa. It breaks but reassembles.
50 Sad Dry Bones.png Sad Dry Bones Weeps sadly and throws bones.
51 Fishing Boo SPP.png Fishing Boo A ghost version of Lakitu. It likes to fish!
52 Calm Fishin' Boo.png Calm Fishing Boo Walk quietly by when it's sleeping.
53 SPPPodoboo.png Podoboo Avoid this fireball that jumps out of lava!
54 SPPLilSparky.png Lil' Sparky Avoid it as it moves along the terrain.
55 SPPHothead.png Hothead Avoid it as it moves along the terrain.
56 SPPThwomp.png Thwomp Starts to attack as the player moves closer. Avoid it!
57 SPPTorpedoTed.png Torpedo Ted An underwater version of Bullet Bill. Watch out!
58 SPP GTorpedo.png Glad Torpedo Ted Happily moves through the water as it attacks.
59 SPPBulletBill.png Bullet Bill It's dangerous and looks hard, but try stomping it!
60 SPP MBullet.png Mad Bullet Bill A super foe that attacks at high speed.
61 SPPBanzaiBill.png Banzai Bill It's huge! But you can pick it up with the X Button!
62 Mad Banzai Bill.gif Mad Banzai Bill A super bullet that attacks angrily at high speed.
63 SPPCannon.png Cannon An annoying enemy that attacks with cannonballs.
64 Calm Cannon.png Calm Cannon Wipe this foe out as it sleeps calmly.
65 SPPBobomb.png Bob-omb A bomb enemy. Stomp on it and in a bit, it'll explode.
66 Glad Bob-ombs.png Glad Bob-omb Skips happily toward you. It explodes, so be careful!
67 SPPParabomb.png Parabomb A Bob-omb with a parachute. Stomp on it to blow it up.
68 SPP GPara Bomb.png Glad Parabomb Gets happy when it loses its parachute. Then it skips.
69 ChainChompSPP.png Chain Chomp It's chained because it's dangerous! Be careful!
70 Calm Chain Chomp.png Calm Chain Chomp Annoying if you wake it up. Jump quietly!
71 BigChainChomp SPP.png Big Chain Chomp A giant Chain Chomp. Very dangerous!
72 FangSPP.png Fang Attacks from the air.
73 SPP GFang.png Glad Fang Dances happily and attacks!
74 RavenSPP.png Raven Cute...but still a foe. It moves along the terrain.
75 SPP SRaven.png Sad Raven So sad, it sometimes causes earthquakes.
76 RexSPP.png Rex A dinosaur-like enemy. Flip it with two stomps.
77 SPP SRex.png Sad Rex Gets sad and attacks when it sees an enemy.
78 Animated Walruss.gif Walruss Apparently spends time on ice eating snow cones.
79 SPPstarfish.png Starfish A star-shaped foe rumored to be the prince of a kingdom?
80 SPP Petey Piranha.png Boss Piranha Plant A big Piranha Plant. Its belly button is vulnerable?
81 Hoo SPP.png Hoo The protector of Hoo's Wood. Attacks when threatened.
82 SPP-King Boo Sprite.png King Boo The boss of the Boos. It fears the light!
83 SPP-Wiggler Sprite.png Wiggler Usually quiet, but it gets angry when stepped on!
84 SPP-Gooper Blooper Sprite.png Gooper Blooper The Blooper boss. It can attack with its tentacles.
85 Blizzaurus.png Blizzaurus The dragon of Gleam Glacier. It used to be a sprite.
86 Giantkamek.png Giant Kamek A Kamek made huge with magic! It can teleport!
87 SPP-Army Hammer Bro.png Army Hammer Bro The Hammer Bros. leader. Stronger than the others?
88 SPP-Bowser Sprite.png Bowser Mario's old enemy. Uses the power of Vibe Island...
89 SPP-Giant Bowser Sprite.png Bowser 2 He wasn't beaten! Hit his eyes with a Bob-omb!


Three minigames can be unlocked by playing through the course of the game: Toad Jump, Toad Tote, and Toad Shot. Initially, there is only one level that can played for each upon unlocking the minigame. Additional levels can be found hidden in stages or by purchasing them from the shop. Each minigame has ten levels. There is also one that is playable during the intro sequence, when Peach obtains Perry from Toadsworth. It can be replayed by holding R Button and pressing Start.


Eight puzzles are assembled by collecting the puzzle pieces hidden throughout stages and by purchasing them from the shop. Only upon finding all the pieces to a puzzle can the player actually attempt to put it together.

Music Room[edit]

The Music Room for Super Princess Peach is where the player is able to listen to the game's musical score and some of Peach's voices. In order to unlock this extra, the player has to find or purchase at least one soundtrack. The tracks are shown to be played by the band to the left of the screen, called the Peach Hit Five. Initially, it only consists of Peach and Toadsworth, but once more soundtracks have been unlocked, three Toads will join. There is a total of 60 soundtracks in the game, five of which are Peach's voice overs.


After each boss battle, Peach and Perry rest before continuing on to the next area in Vibe Island. During each rest period, Perry has a recurring dream that seems to reveal more and more about his past. Perry's story shows that he was originally a human boy, but was taken from his grandfather by a pair of evildoers who transform him into an umbrella, trapping him in that form. The story itself is completely separate from Peach's main tasks in her adventure. There are a total of seven sequences in all. At least one "Perry's Dream" sequence has to be viewed in the main game itself in order for this option to be available.

Additionally, if the player has purchased the Endless Vibe item, the player is given the option to turn it on or off here.


Release Reviewer, Publication Score Verdict
Nintendo DS Carig Harris, IGN 7.8/10 "There are two sides of the Super Princess Peach fence: on the one hand, you pretty much know what you're getting into with a game starring Nintendo's very, very female protagonist - a game most likely designed and marketed for the girl audience. On the other hand, it's a Nintendo developed platform game, and these generally have a level of expectation. It's an interesting balance, and ultimately Nintendo did a good job with Peach's first starring game. Even if it's a little too easy for the usual gaming crowd."
Nintendo DS Ryan Davis, GameSpot 7.2/10 "Those looking for the next great Super Mario Bros. experience will undoubtedly be let down by Super Princess Peach and will have to wait for New Super Mario Bros. for their next opportunity. Super Princess Peach is still a fun platformer with a fair amount of cutesy charm, one that takes great steps to differentiate itself from the series it's derived from. The competence with which Super Princess Peach is made makes it a wonderful introduction to 2D platformers for the young, the casual, or the uninitiated, but experienced platform players won't find enough challenge to sink their teeth into."
Nintendo DS Mathew Kumar, Eurogamer 6/10 "Super Princess Peach is not a truly remarkable title on the scale of Mario & Luigi, not only as it's not very funny, but its innovations in interface and design actually make it slightly less fun than it might be if you played it 'straight'. But neither is it a shameless cash-in. The game, though a solely single-player experience, has not only a fun story mode, but a host of extras adding longevity in the face of its relative ease. It's fun for a while, but its star doesn't shine bright enough to be anything but ultimately forgettable."
Compiler Platform / Score
Metacritic 75
GameRankings 76.60%

Pre-release and unused content[edit]

Main article: List of Super Princess Peach pre-release and unused content


Main article: List of Super Princess Peach staff


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References to other games[edit]

  • Super Mario Bros. 2: One of Peach's primary ways of defeating enemies, by picking them up and throwing them at each other to defeat them, is reused from this game. Also, the Floatbrella move works like Peach's gliding did in this game.
  • Mario is Missing!: Bowser once again abducts Mario, as he did in this game.
  • Donkey Kong: The final boss fight against Bowser bears some resemblance to the final battle against Donkey Kong in the 1994 Game Boy remake, including his becoming giant and also the protagonist using some weapons he knocks down against him to defeat him by throwing them to his face (Mario using barrels on Donkey Kong, and Princess Peach using Bob-Ombs against Bowser, respectively). Similarly, both Bowser and Donkey Kong's transformations occurred due to contact with an item earlier (Donkey Kong due to landing on several Super Mushrooms, and Bowser using the Vibe Scepter in a last ditch effort to defeat Peach).
  • Super Mario World: Some of the enemies in this game reappear in Super Princess Peach. Most of the Brick Blocks resemble Rotating Blocks.
  • Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island: Some of the enemies in this game return in Super Princess Peach. The lamps in Shriek Mansion 3-2 resemble the Spooky enemy from this game. Some of the Brick Blocks resemble Egg Blocks. Giant Kamek enlarges himself for his battle, similar to how Kamek did so for the bosses in this game. The Bowser battle has a second phase where the player must throw objects at his face, like with his younger self in this game. Perry eating enemies to recharge the Vibe Meter is similar to Yoshis eating enemies to gain eggs.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: Toadsworth, Petey Piranha, and Gooper Blooper return in this game. Petey Piranha, Wiggler, and Gooper Blooper are defeated in similar ways to their respective battles from this game.

References in other games[edit]

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese スーパー プリンセスピーチ
Sūpā Purinsesu Pīchi
Super Princess Peach


  • This is the last Mario game where Jen Taylor records any new voice clips for Princess Peach and Toad. Nicole Mills would be the voice actress who would record new voice clips for Peach until she was replaced by Samantha Kelly. Mario Hoops 3-on-3 and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games would reuse voice clips from other Mario games where Jen Taylor voiced Peach.
  • This and Paper Mario: The Origami King are the only two games where Peach's title is officially translated into its katakana form as 「プリンセス」 (Purinsesu) rather than the kanji form 「」 (hime). In this case, it is used in the game's title.
  • A promotional browser game was released in 2005 called Super Princess Peach -- Parasol Fall.
  • In the US version of the game, Petey Piranha is mistakenly referred to as "Boss P. Plant" in the Glossary (a direct translation of his Japanese name, "Boss Pakkun"). This was fixed in the European version.

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