Bowser's Villa 8-7

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Bowser's Villa 8-7
Bowser's Villa 8-7
World-Level Bowser's Villa 8-7
World Bowser's Villa
Game Super Princess Peach
Music Bowser's Villa 1
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Bowser's Villa 8-7 is the seventh level of Bowser's Villa, in Super Princess Peach. This level can only be played by beating the previous level again.



The level starts off with some Robotic Arms in a room filled with Fire Bars. At the end of the room, the player will need to use the Joy vibe to get to the Warp Pipe. After this is a dark room, which can be lit up with the Rage vibe. The next room has some rotating spike platforms, and various enemies. At the end of the room is a level for Toad Jump and the goal gate.