Hoo's Wood 2-9

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Hoo's Wood 2-9
Hoo's Wood 2-9
World-Level Hoo's Wood 2-9
World Hoo's Wood
Game Super Princess Peach
Music Hoo's Wood 1
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Hoo's Wood 2-9 is the ninth and final level of Hoo's Wood in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts off with some Spikes and Fire Bars, before an ! Switch, that can only be activated using the Rage vibe, activating the switch will destroy several statues, and grant access to the Warp Pipe. The Warp Pipe takes the player up to an area with some Parabombs, before a ladder that leads to another Warp Pipe. The next section is a Subrella section. After this is a small hill with some pipes that spawn Goombas, and a Red Koopa. The player needs to jump whilst going downhill to get the Puzzle Piece, and to cross the abyss to get to the goal gate.