Gleam Glacier 6-4

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Gleam Glacier 6-4
Gleam Glacier 6-4
Level code Gleam Glacier 6-4
World Gleam Glacier
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Gleam Glacier 2
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Gleam Glacier 6-4 is the fourth level of Gleam Glacier in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts off near some platforms with Mecha-Spike Tops and M. M-Spike Tops walking round them, underneath all of the platforms are some spikes, coins, and a Puzzle C Piece 11. At the end of the section, a snowman needs to be destroyed, so the player can get to the door to the next section. The next area has various routes, although they all lead to the Warp Pipe. At the top of this section are some Freezies, that need to be destroyed by using the Rage vibe, guarding the first Toad (in post-game, Puzzle E Piece 24 is found).

The next section is an autoscrolling one, where the player needs to avoid several enemies before getting to the door. The next area has Bullet Bills and Paratroopas, halfway through the section is a snowman that can be destroyed to reveal a door. Through the door is a Warp Pipe back to the room where the first Toad was, and a platform that needs to be frozen, by using the Gloom vibe. If the player goes up some ice platforms, they can use a Koopa Shell to get another Toad. In post-game, Puzzle F Piece 24 is found but the player does not need a Koopa shell to collect it. At the end of the section is a door that leads back to the previous area, before a Warp Pipe.

The next area has Calm Hammer Bros. and Chain Chomps, before leading to a section filled with water and Sad Cheep Cheeps, and the Warp Pipe. The next area is filled with Bob-ombs and has a giant springboard. The Springboard leads to the final Toad (in post-game, Toad Shot is found), and an ! Switch, that creates some platforms that can be used to climb up the mountain, before getting to the next Warp Pipe. The final area has a Chain Chomp, just before the goal gate.