Shriek Mansion 3-6

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Shriek Mansion 3-6
King Boo vs. Princess Peach
Level code Shriek Mansion 3-6
World Shriek Mansion
Game Super Princess Peach
Boss King Boo
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Shriek Mansion 3-6 is the sixth and final level of Shriek Mansion in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts with the player gliding down and they must avoid being touched by Boos and Big Boos, either by avoiding them or flicking them away with the Stylus.

After this is an area with a Message Block who tells the player about using the chandelier to defeat King Boo. In the fight the player needs to light all four of the lamps to deal damage to King Boo. After the third hit, King Boo will use the Gloom vibe and start extinguishing lit lamps, after two more hits the player defeats him.