Ladida Plains 1-2

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Ladida Plains 1-2
Ladida Plains 1-2
Level code Ladida Plains 1-2
World Ladida Plains
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Ladida Plains 2
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Ladida Plains 1-2 is the second level of Ladida Plains in Super Princess Peach.


The player starts in a field with a Green Koopa and a line of Goombas in front of them. Also in this area are two blocks, and if Peach uses the Joy vibe, she can float to a line of blocks that has a large block with a captive Toad inside it. If Joy is used again, many coins and crystals can be obtained. After this is another field with a Green Koopa in it and a platform that can be used to get to a Warp Pipe.

In the next area is a Goomba and a plant that Peach must use the Gloom vibe on to make it grow so she can reach the blocks above and access the Warp Pipe that leads to the next portion of the level. In this area are two large blocks and some Donut Blocks that lead to a Puzzle Piece. After these is a Red Paragoomba and some blocks that must be ran across to get to the Warp Pipe. If Peach falls in between the blocks, there is a Green Koopa and another box with a Toad in it.

This next area has two Goombas and several large blocks as well as a Warp Pipe that spawns Goombas. There is also a Koopa Paratroopa that is guarding the final Toad of the level. After this is another small field with a Koopa Paratroopa and the Warp Pipe to the next area. The next area has a Sad Goomba and several blocks which lead to a downhill section with a Glad Red Koopa and several Green Koopas, before Peach reaches the end of the level.