Hoo's Wood 2-2

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Hoo's Wood 2-2
Hoo's Wood 2-2
Level code Hoo's Wood 2-2
World Hoo's Wood
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Hoo's Wood 2
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Hoo's Wood 2-2 is the second level of Hoo's Wood in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts in a forest with a Spiny past a gap in the platforms. The level scrolls past various Spinies, blocks and Warp Pipes, before reaching the final Warp Pipe in the level. In the next area, the level stops autoscrolling and the player is able to drop down a small gap and grab the Puzzle Piece. After this is a section with Nipper Plants, a Red Paratroopa and Sad Spinies before the Warp Pipe.

In the next area are Ravens and if the player uses the Joy vibe, they can float underneath the platform they are on to grab a Toad. After crossing the platforms there is the Warp Pipe to the next area. At the start of the next area is a Lakitu, followed by a section filled with blocks before the Warp Pipe. The next area has lots of water and Cheep Cheep, with another Toad before the end of the level. In this water section, next to the water wheel is a platform. If the player uses the Gloom vibe on the water wheel they will activate an event that causes a Warp Pipe in the previous section to rise. Going through this Warp Pipe leads to an area with a Glad Red Koopa and a log platform, if the player uses the Rage vibe on the platform the wood will burn and they can find another Toad.