Fury Volcano 4-2

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Fury Volcano 4-2
Fury Volcano 4-2
Level code Fury Volcano 4-2
World Fury Volcano
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Fury Volcano 2
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Fury Volcano 4-2 is the second level of Fury Volcano in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts in an area with a small bit of lava, before leading to a stretch of land with Goombas and Glad Red Koopas. After dropping off some stone platforms, the player will find a burning head creature that can be shrunk by using the Gloom vibe to get some coins, before continuing to the Warp Pipe. This will lead to an area with two separate sections, a lower one and an upper one. On the upper section is a Toad and some coins (in post-game, Puzzle F Piece 14 is found). On the lower section is an ! Switch that needs to be activated so the player can break a statue on the upper section which would have been blocking them. After finishing the room, the player needs to throw a stone platform onto a Lava Geyser so they can reach the Warp Pipe.

In the next area is a Thwomp-like creature that the player needs to use the Rage vibe to stomp into the ground on so they can get to another Toad (in post-game, Puzzle E Piece 14 is found). In this area, the player can also jump up some platforms to get the Puzzle B Piece 9. The player will then have to climb up several ladders whilst Mad Spikes before getting to the Warp Pipe. The next area is an area where Perry is used as a zip line and the player must avoid several Mad G. P-Troopas before reaching the Warp Pipe.

The next area has some Glad Parabombs and to the left a Warp Pipe, if the player goes through this Warp Pipe they will be led back to near the end of the area with the Mad Spikes, whilst the ladder next to the Warp Pipe will lead to several coins. To the right of this area is another ! Switch which needs to be used to get the final Toad before the end of the level (in post-game, Puzzle Selection is found).