Ladida Plains 1-1

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Ladida Plains 1-1
Ladida Plains 1-1
Level code Ladida Plains 1-1
World Ladida Plains
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Ladida Plains 1
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Ladida Plains 1-1 is the first level of Ladida Plains in Super Princess Peach, as well as the first level of the entire game.


The player starts off at the bottom of a grassy hill which they must climb, before crossing it over it. When they have crossed the hill there will be a platform with a ladder and a Warp Pipe that will go to the next area of the level. If the ladder is gone past, the player can break some blocks for a coin.

In the next area is a Goomba and a Perry Block which will teach the player how to defeat enemies. After this, there is a block and if the block is destroyed a Toad will be rescued (in post-game, Puzzle E Piece 1 is found). At the end of this area is another Warp Pipe. The next area starts off with another hill and a Goomba at the top of it, at the top of the hill are a few Warp Pipes and a Mad Goomba. The final Warp Pipe before the Mad Goomba will take the player to a small area filled with coins. The player must continue along the field until they reach a small plant where they must use the Gloom vibe to make it grow. At the top of the plant is a line of blocks that has many coins on it and if the player uses the Joy vibe they can float to an adjacent platform that has Peach Voice 1. To the right of the plant are some grassy platforms before a Warp Pipe, if the player falls in between the platforms there some platforms they can use to climb back up, if they do fall between the platforms they can find another Toad that needs to be rescued (in post-game, Puzzle F Piece 1 is found).

In the following area there is another box with a Toad in it and another Mad Goomba before they reach the end of the level (in post-game, music score called Bowser's Villa 2 is found).