Gleam Glacier 6-6

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Gleam Glacier 6-6
Gleam Glacier 6-6
Level code Gleam Glacier 6-6
World Gleam Glacier
Game Super Princess Peach
Boss Blizzaurus
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Gleam Glacier 6-6 is the sixth level of Gleam Glacier in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts off with the player needing to avoid snow rock, which can be destroyed by using the Stylus, after this is the room with a Message Block and Warp Pipes to the boss. In post-game, the the player has a choice to play the minigame or skip.

In the boss battle, Blizzaurus is completely encased in ice, and the player will need to use the Rage vibe to melt it, to deal damage to Blizzaurus. After the second hit, Blizzaurus may start creating icicles before charging, giving the player less room to avoid it. After the third hit Blizzaurus will transform into her real form, a fairy, and will create some icicle platforms, which can be destroyed for crystals. Like in its previous form, the player needs to destroy Blizzaurus's ice protection to damage it, after two more hit Blizzaurus is defeated. In post-game, after the player defeats Blizzaurus, the player can access new stages in Giddy Sky.