Fury Volcano 4-6

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Fury Volcano 4-6
SPP Wiggler.png
Level code Fury Volcano 4-6
World Fury Volcano
Game Super Princess Peach
Boss Wiggler
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Fury Volcano 4-6 is the sixth and final level of Fury Volcano in Super Princess Peach.


At the start of the level, the player is falling and using the Stylus they need to destroy rocks. Larger rocks require more touches to destroy them. If Princess Peach makes contact with any of the rocks, then the player will have to restart the segment. Destroying the rocks will also reward the player with coins. If Peach makes it to the bottom and goes through the ring at the end, she will be brought to the boss fight. Entering the level after defeating the boss will give the player the option to skip this segment.

After the falling rock segment is an area with a Message Block that tells the player to use the springs to flip and defeat Wiggler. The players needs to weigh the springs down using the Rage vibe to flip Wiggler over and then jump on the flashing section on its body. Afterward, Wiggler will turn red and cause rocks to fall as it is running around; some of the rocks contain crystals upon landing and breaking. After some time has passed, Wiggler will calm down and can be attacked again. After the third hit, the Wiggler will spew smoke from its flower that the player will constantly have to use Joy to disperse. After hitting Wiggler two more times, the stage will be cleared and a Toad will be rescued.