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Puzzle Piece
Artwork of a Puzzle Piece from Super Princess Peach
Artwork of a Puzzle Piece
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)

Puzzle Pieces are items in Super Princess Peach. They are scattered across various levels in the game for the player to find, with usually one per level. Puzzle Pieces can also be obtained from the shop. Collecting all of the Puzzle Pieces are not required to complete the main game, though doing so unlocks Endless Vibe. When the player collects all the Puzzle Pieces to a puzzle, they will unlock that puzzle in the menu; the player can then solve the puzzle whenever they would like. There are a total of eight puzzles in all, and a total of 144 Puzzle Pieces in the game. After the player completes the main game, Puzzle Pieces replace locations of Toads in every level that has Toads.

Puzzle descriptions[edit]

Puzzle name Picture frame Puzzle Pieces required Puzzle theme
Puzzle A: Ladida PuzzleA SPP.png 12 Ladida Plains
Puzzle B: Hoo PuzzleB SPP.png 12 Hoo's Wood
Puzzle C: Shriek PuzzleC SPP.png 12 Shriek Mansion
Puzzle D: Fury PuzzleD SPP.png 12 Fury Volcano
Puzzle E: Beach PuzzleE SPP.png 24 Wavy Beach
Puzzle F: Glisten PuzzleF SPP.png 24 Gleam Glacier
Puzzle G: Sky PuzzleG SPP.png 24 Giddy Sky
Puzzle H: Bowser's Villa PuzzleH SPP.png 24 Bowser's Villa


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese パズルピース
Pazuru Pīsu
Puzzle Piece

French Morceaux de casse-tête[1]
Pieces of a puzzle


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