Wavy Beach 5-7

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Wavy Beach 5-7
Wavy Beach 5-7
Level code Wavy Beach 5-7
World Wavy Beach
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Wavy Beach 1
Music sample
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Wavy Beach 5-7 is the seventh level of Wavy Beach in Super Princess Peach. This level can only be played after completing the main game, and then defeating Wiggler again.


The level starts with a platforming segment, at the end of the segment, the player will need to break some blocks so that they can get to the Warp Pipe. At the top of this segment is an area where lots of bricks can be broken for some coins. The next section is a Subrella section. After this is an area where the player will need to use the Poundbrella to get a Springboard, if they use it to get through the quicksand they can get some coins, if they go right with it they will get to a section with some Ptooies. If the player uses the Joy vibe where there is an arrow made of coins, they will get to an area with the Puzzle H Piece 22. Past this section is the goal gate.