Hoo's Wood

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Hoo's Wood
Hoo's Wood
First appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
Greater location Vibe Island
Capital N/A
Ruler Hoo
Inhabitants Piranha Plants, Koopa Troopas
Vibe IslandBowser's VillaGiddy SkyGleam GlacierWavy BeachFury VolcanoShriek MansionHoo's WoodLadida Plains
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Hoo's Wood is the second area in Vibe Island in Super Princess Peach. It is a forest with lush vegetation and many tall trees. It is located northeast of Ladida Plains (apparently separated by a lake as seen on the map screen). Hoo is the woods' namesake resident, and serves as the area boss.



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese モーリの森[1]
Mōri no Mori
Hoo's Woods
French Bois de Hoo -
German Eulenwald Owl Forest
Italian Bosco Gufoso Owl-y Wood
Spanish Bosque Hoo Hoo Forest