Hoo's Wood 2-8

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Hoo's Wood 2-8
Hoo's Wood 2-8
Level code Hoo's Wood 2-8
World Hoo's Wood
Game Super Princess Peach
Music track Hoo's Wood 2
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Hoo's Wood 2-8 is the eighth level of Hoo's Wood in Super Princess Peach.


The level starts off with three Mad Green Koopas, before getting to a small platforming section with more Mad Green Koopas. After this is an ! Switch, that needs to be activated using the Rage vibe, which will cause the two adjacent statues to break. After this is a platforming section with Hotheads, and an ! Switch that can only be activated by throwing one of the nearby Sad Goombas at it. Activating the switch will remove some platforms allowing the player to climb down a ladder, and get to the Warp Pipe. Next to the Warp Pipe is a Water Wheel that has to be spun using the Gloom vibe, which will cause the Warp Pipe in the second area to extend upon doing so.

The next area has several Mad Bullet Bills. In the middle of the area is a Warp Pipe that is blocked by some platforms. To the right of the Warp Pipe is a lumpy yellow creature, that needs to be destroyed by using the Joy vibe, hitting the ! Switch that it is guarding will remove the platforms. The next area has C. Chain Chomps, as well as Mad G. P-Troopas. The player will need to use some spiked rotating platforms to get across an abyss before getting to a Puzzle G Piece 22, and the goal gate.