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This article is about a species of Chain Chomp from Super Princess Peach. For Big Chomp, a character from Mario Party 3, see Big Chomp and Little Chomp.
Big Chain Chomp
BigChainChomp SPP.png
A Big Chain Chomp, from Super Princess Peach.
First Appearance Super Princess Peach (2005)
Latest Appearance Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS (2016)
Parent Species Chain Chomp

Big Chain Chomp is a type of Chain Chomp found on Vibe Island in Super Princess Peach.

This Chain Chomp, despite its name, is not attached to any chain, but it is larger than a normal Chain Chomp. It mostly acts as an obstacle that Princess Peach and Perry need to avoid, and is usually found bouncing down hills provided with gaps in which the princess and her umbrella may hide. Their attack patterns can be thought of as similar to those of the Chomp Sharks, and some of them act similar to Chomps.

According to the game's Glossary, Big Chain Chomp is "A giant Chain Chomp. Very dangerous!".

A Big Chain Chomp also appears in New Super Mario Bros. Wii, in Iggy's battle in the castle of World 5, after Kamek's Spell. This Chain Chomp also reappears in New Super Mario Bros. 2.

Also, in Paper Mario: Sticker Star, 3 Big Chain Chomps need to be used in order to get to Petey Piranha who is the guardian of the fifth Royal Sticker in Rumble Volcano. One also appeared in Chomp Ruins. They cannot actually be harmed (outside of jumping on them pre-battle when they are asleep, which is mitigated by the fact that they, like all enemies and even Mario, recover health when asleep), instead, they are actually the basis of a puzzle. The player has to hammer their post down while they are asleep, then engage them in battle and use any attacks before they wake up. Afterwards, the Chain Chomp will then lunge at the player, causing 10 damage and ending the battle early due to escaping confinement. This attack cannot be blocked.

Big Chain Chomps appear in Super Mario Maker and Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS alongside other giant enemies. They can be created by dragging a Super Mushroom onto a normal-sized Chain Chomp.

A single Big Chain Chomp appears in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam. Iggy and Morton use the Big Chain Chomp for one of their attacks.

A Chain Chomp named Princess becomes a Big Chain Chomp in Paper Mario: Color Splash, by way of Kamek's Koopa magicks.

Profiles and Statistics[edit]

Paper Mario: Sticker Star Enemy
Big Chain Chomp
Big Chain Chomp PMSS.png Max HP 99 Location(s) Chomp Ruins, Rumble Volcano
Attack 10 Moves Lunge (10, flees battle)
Defense Stickers N/A

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French (NOE) Maxi-Chomp -
Italian Categnone Compound of Categnaccio (the Italian name of the Chain Chomps) and the augmentative suffix -one