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Toad and Mario inside of Peach's Castle.
A Toad asking Mario to hit the block
Hint movies
Hint movies in the castle

Hint movies are short-length video clips that show players hints and tricks in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Players are invited to Peach's Castle to watch them after going to their first Toad House. Hint movies can be watched at any time by visiting the castle and hitting the block inside. All hint movies can be unlocked by satisfying a certain objective in the level they are associated with, but players must pay Star Coins that they have collected in order to fully unlock them. There may be more than one video associated with a level, and there are 65 hint movies in total.

Hint movies are not in any other game, but a similar concept called the Tip Network appears in Super Mario Galaxy 2. The Tip Network is free, but it is accessible only during the level it is located in.

Although hint movies are not present in New Super Mario Bros. U, short videos with a similar concept are available on the game's official YouTube channel. They can also be watched in New Super Mario Bros. U + New Super Luigi U and New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe, with clips of New Super Luigi U added.


There are four different types of hint movies. The type of hint movie is displayed next to the level number on the menu, as well as the price in Star Coins ranging from zero to ten. All 231 Star Coins must be used to fully unlock every hint movie. Hint movies that showcase more exploitable shortcuts or higher difficulty generally have a higher price.

  • Endless 1-Ups: Shows the player an exploitable way to get many or even unlimited extra lives.
  • Secret Goal: Mario shows the player a secret exit in the featured level.
  • Star Coin: Shows the player how to obtain one or more hard-to-reach Star Coins in the featured level. Unlike the other types of hint movies, Star Coin hint movies are always free.
  • Super Skills: Shows the player the "skills" of the developers. They often show unusual or incredible ways of clearing a level.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese おたからムービー
Otakara mūbī
Treasure movies

Chinese (simplified) 藏宝影片
Cángbǎo Yǐngpiàn
Treasure Movie

Chinese (traditional) 藏寶影片[1]
Cángbǎo Yǐngpiàn
Treasure Movie

French Vidéos bonus
Bonus videos


  • There are about 20 unused hint movies, which mostly involve earlier versions of Super Skills.[2]