List of New Super Mario Bros. Wii glitches

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This is a list of glitches in the game New Super Mario Bros. Wii.

NOTE: Unless otherwise noted, all names are conjectural.


Empty Bubble

This glitch is somewhat similar to that of Bubble Trap below, but doesn't require other players to be placed in a bubble. At least two players are required to perform this glitch.

In a course with a flagpole (currently only 8-2's normal exit is confirmed), all players should travel to the end of the level. When every player except one player reaches the flagpole, the remaining player should press A Button as soon as they touch the pole as well. That player will disappear and an empty bubble will appear instead, which will float away slowly, similarly to when a level is cleared while a player is on a bubble. However, the points or Extra Lives received when reaching the flagpole are recorded and shown on the results screen. A space for the missing player is left in the level clearing animation. The level will automatically end after that.[1]


Block Walk

Two players are needed for this glitch. They must enter Coin Battle and choose World CoinNSMBW Coinworld.png-1. By ground-pounding over the flagpole and landing on it, once the player lands on the ground, the blocks below act as though the player ground-pounded them. After the fanfare, when Mario is walking over to the castle, he moves two blocks over, both acting as though they have been ground pounded before he is suddenly moving in place.[2]

Bubble Trap

Two or more players are needed for this glitch. It can be done on any level with a flagpole ending. First, all but one player must get in a bubble by losing a life or pressing A Button, then the remaining player goes to the flagpole. Exactly as the player touches the pole, the player must put themselves in a bubble. An invisible bubble will appear, and the player will vanish; the only way out is to reset or exit the game.[3]

Indefinite Somersault

If a player under the effects of the Star lands on a moving block in the middle of a somersault on the frame the Star runs out, they will be stuck in their somersault animation.

Lost Spiny

In World 6-2, Mario must use an Ice Flower or a Penguin Suit. Near the Checkpoint Flag, there is a Spiny on some Brick Blocks, but must not attract it. If it is frozen by an Ice Ball and all the Brick Blocks are broken, when the Spiny unfreezes, it shakes in the air while very slowly rising. Once the Spiny touches a ceiling, it will appear to resume its normal behavior, only to turn around at unexpected points in time. It resumes its normal behavior once it is tempted into falling again.

Spiny in the Sand

This glitch can be done in World 2-5. Mario must have Yoshi for this trick. He has to eat one of the Spinies and go into a sinkhole. When the player is right next to one of the sinkhole's walls, Yoshi must spit the Spiny out and it will be stuck in the sand. To reverse the effect, the player has to repeat the action as with the first Spiny.

Stuck in a Pipe

This is a glitch in World 5-4, requiring at least two players. At the beginning of the level, where the Warp Pipe is, one player can throw another at it. The one who is thrown must touch the pipe; the one who throws the character will be right behind him. He'll pass through the top, and will be stuck. Occasionally, both characters will be there.[4] This can also be done in the World 3 castle.[5]

Through the Block

The glitch can be done in any level where Yoshis are found, but preferably World 1-3. The player can have any power-up except a Mini Mushroom. The player needs to hop on Yoshi and find a ? Block. Once under it, the player must have Yoshi duck down, and, while ducking, jump. When Mario's head is in the used ? Block, the player should hop off Yoshi and jump at the same time. Mario should have jumped through the ? Block.

Through the Platform

This glitch can be done in World 5-5. The player must go to the platform with the Checkpoint Flag, and then go to the secret POW Block with a Propeller Block. The player must go up to the POW Block, throw the Propeller Block, and at the same time pick up the POW Block. If done correctly, the player will pick up the POW Block with the Propeller Block on top, drop the POW Block, and fall through the platform.

Turning Floor Teleport

This glitch can be performed in World 1-6. As Turning Floors are entirely collisionless from the bottom, if the player uses the Propeller Suit to fly up underneath one of the Turning Floors near the end and reach its center, Mario is teleported on top of it.[6]

Move Ice Bro twice in World 3

Due to a programming oversight, in World 3, by having one Ice Bro located on the southern center of the ice path and another on any spot on the ice path ring, and the player enters the path ring from the front of the green Toad House heading to World 3-Ghost Icon.png and if the Ice Bro from the southern center collides the player on the south-east spot and press down, the other Ice Bro will move again while in a cutscene. This is because the game thinks the player is moving while being collided with the Ice Bro.


Chain Chomp Zombie

The player can only do this glitch in World 7-2, due to it being the only level with normal Chain Chomps. To perform the glitch, the player must first have at least one Star in the item stock on the world map. The player must then use the Star at the beginning of the level.

Once in the level, the player must quickly hop onto the first Chain Chomp's stake, without defeating it. They must Ground Pound on the stake once, then wait until the Chain Chomp is right beneath the player (when it turns around after a bite), and then Ground Pound the stake again while defeating the enemy. The Chain Chomp should be loose due to its chains being broken apart. Before it falls off-screen, the player should pound the stake a third time, driving it into the ground. When the stake is driven into the ground and the Chain Chomp is defeated, but still on the screen, its chain appears and the Chain Chomp behaves normally.[7]

Confused Boo

In World 4-Ghost Icon.png's hidden room with the third Star Coin, there is a Boo to the left near the wall. Standing directly under it as soon as the player enters the room while facing the wall will cause the Boo to repeatedly switch between hiding its face and chasing the player.

Consecutive Flutter Jumps

Mario should go to any level with a Yoshi, under a set (about 3) of Coin Blocks and then Flutter Jump, then shake to jump off. The player must hit the block before jumping off Yoshi. If done correctly, the player will get off and straight back on, making it possible flutter again.

Frozen broken tiles

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If all players enter bubbles while Super Bowser is breathing fireballs, the particles for any terrain broken by the fireballs will not be set into motion. This has a similar appearance to the "Frozen Ghost House" glitch in New Super Mario Bros., but unlike that glitch, time continues to flow otherwise.[8]

Forfeit-activated Lift

Some Lifts wait for all players to board before they start moving, not counting players in bubbles. If every player enters a bubble, the Lift does not detect that no one is aboard, but rather, that no one outside of a bubble is not aboard. The Lift then starts, despite the course being forfeited.[8]

Infinite Coins

A glitch from New Super Mario Bros. Wii.
The glitch in action

There are two ways of performing this glitch:

  1. 1 player: The player needs an Ice Flower in World 4-Castle Icon.png and get to the place with the large flip panel with a Climbing Koopa on it. Mario must stand on the front side, then jump to throw an Ice Ball at the Climbing Koopa. The player must hold the fence again and spin the flip panel as fast as possible. The Climbing Koopa freezes, falls to the ground and drops infinite coins.
  2. 2 players: When two or more players enters the castle, they must go past the first spike pit, where there is a Koopa Troopa. The player with the Ice Flower must stand on top of the right ? Block behind the fence, while the other one must stay in front of it. When the Koopa Troopa is hanging from behind the fence, they must freeze the enemy and hit the fence at the same time. If done right, the Ice Block will fall with the Koopa Troopa moving around it and two endless streams of coins fly out until the time is up. These coins can be interacted with, but both the Koopa Troopa and the ice it is encased in cannot.[9]

If too many coins are left onscreen, the game starts to lag, but it will not crash.[10] If two frozen Koopa Troopas are present, however, the game will eventually crash.[11]

Infinite Items

All the Star Coins of World 6 are needed, and after that the player must save their progress. They must then load it and play World 6-Castle and then enter World 6-6, where Mario must lose a life. Opening the item inventory, there will be 0 Propeller Mushrooms and Stars. Then it's possible to use them infinitely. After finishing the level, the glitch turns off.[12]

Stuck on the Flagpole

By touching the flagpole right as the timer hits zero, the player becomes stuck there, similar to the bubble trap glitch.[2]