World 4 (New Super Mario Bros. Wii)

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World 4
NSMBW World 4 Map.png
Appearance New Super Mario Bros. Wii
Levels 9
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World 4 on the world select screen.

World 4 (also known as the Water World[1]) is the fourth world in New Super Mario Bros. Wii. It features several tropical islands, therefore, most of its levels are water-themed and make rather good use of the Penguin Suit, which can glide over water and allow Mario to swim better. Also, on the map is a bridge guarded by a Porcupuffer that can jump up and make Mario and the gang endure an Enemy Course. This is also the first world to have a level on an airship, like the ones in Super Mario Bros. 3. Wendy O. Koopa and Bowser Jr. are the bosses of this world. The world features nine levels (with a total of eleven exits) as well as a Warp Cannon, though unlike in New Super Mario Bros., it launches the player to World 6 instead of World 7.

World 4 also appears in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games under the name "Cheep Cheep River" as the location of the Dream Rafting event. Porcupuffers, Thwomps, Cheep Cheeps, and Bob-ombs appear in it, as well as the addition of Gooper Blooper. Also, Wendy (the boss of this world) appears as a costume for the player's Mii.


Level Preview Description
World 4-1 World 4 A level introducing Big Urchins that is mostly in water. Read more...
World 4-2 NSMBW World 4-2 Screenshot.png A lot of this course is filled with Donut Blocks and Cheep Cheeps that will jump up to attack the player. Read more...
World 4-3 NSMBW World 4-3 Screenshot.png This is the only level that features Huckit Crabs. There are also a lot of Urchins and Big Urchins. Read more...
World 4-NSMBW Tower Icon.png NSMBW World 4-T Screenshot.png This tower features a lot of conveyor belts. Metallic blocks are also a common sight here; some must be jumped on to advance, while others are more of a nuisance. Read more...
World 4-NSMBW Warp Cannon Icon.pngCannon Mario in World 4-Cannon The cannon level of World 4. It takes the player straight to World 6.
World 4-4 NSMBW World 4-4 Screenshot.png It is the first underwater level of World 4. Read more...
World 4-Ghost Icon.png NSMBW World 4-GH Screenshot.png This is the Ghost House of World 4. Its secret exit is a shortcut to World 4-Castle. Read more...
World 4-5 NSMBW World 4-5 Screenshot.png A beach level with Yoshi and Lakitus. Read more...
World 4-Castle Icon.png NSMBW World 4-C Screenshot.png It is the castle level of World 4. Read more...
World 4-The Icon of a Airship from New Super Mario Bros. Wii. Hatless Mario running through the World 4-Airship in New Super Mario Bros. Wii It is the first airship level of the game. Bowser Jr. is fought here. Read more...

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