Dream Discus

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Dream Discus
MASATLOG Dreamdiscus.png
Appears in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games (Wii)
Type Dream Event
Info In this event, players ride a discus to collect rings to score the most points.
Controls Move: +Control PadControl Pad up/down/left/right
Boost: Hold and release Two Button

Dream Discus is a Dream Event that appears exclusively in Mario & Sonic at the London 2012 Olympic Games. It is set in Windy Valley from Sonic Adventure. The starting Olympic record is held by Metal Sonic at 152 points.

During London Party mode, when the player faces off against Jet the Hawk, they compete in this event.


After the characters are introduced, the four characters throw their discuses and jump on them and the event begins. Players travel in a predetermined path. By collecting rings, collecting Item Boxes, and defeating Spinners along the path, the players earn points. Along the path are rocks and pillars which knock the character off screen for a bit if they collide with it, while Spinners just stun them. Once players reach the end of the path, they are sucked into a tornado in a short cutscene that can be skipped. Once through the tornado, players fall down to the end circular platform, where they can earn anywhere from 0 to 50 points with being closer to the center meaning more points. The placements of the players are then determined.



  • Move: +Control PadControl Pad up/down/left/right
  • Boost: Hold and release Two Button
  • The stage ends when you get to the goal point. You get bonus points depending on where you land.


  • Press the +Control Pad during a boost to dash in that direction and hit rivals to send them flying!


  • You get 1 point for each ring. Knock rivals out of the way and get as many points as you can.
  • The floating Item Boxes contain sets of five rings.
  • Hit Spinners with a boost to defeat them. Each one will earn you five points.


The Safe Landing challenge is achieved by landing on the 50 point area a number of times in this event. The criteria for unlocking each achievement are as follows:

  • Lv. 1- Land on the 50 point area once
  • Lv. 2- Land on the 50 point area 3 times
  • Lv. 3- Land on the 50 point area 5 times

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ドリーム円盤乗り
Dorīmu Enban Nori
Dream Discus Riding

Dutch Droomdiscus
Dream Discus
French Lancer de disque Rêve
Dream Discus Throw
German Diskuswerfen (Traum)
Discus Throw (Dream)
Italian Disco Sogno
Dream Discus
Spanish Disco Fantasía
Fantasy Discus