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Not to be confused with Rocket Start.

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The Start Dash is a technique that gives runners a boost at the start of a race.

Super Mario Galaxy[edit]

Luigi is preparing for a Start Dash.

At the beginning of a Cosmic Mario or Cosmic Luigi race in Super Mario Galaxy, if the player holds the Nunchuk Control Stick up, then Nunchuk Z Button when the timer hits 2, and then hits A Button just as the race starts, Mario or Luigi will get an extra boost at the beginning of the race. This can be shown by a yellow color appearing on Mario or Luigi, shrinking gradually, showing the end of the speed boost.

Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games[edit]

Mario preparing to do a Start Dash.

A Start Dash is a term from Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. It is when the racers at the beginning of a "track event" crouch down into their starting position and build up their potential energy to gain a quick boost in their start. In the Wii version, players hold down the B Button button to build up the energy of their character. Once the "GO" sign appears on the screen, releasing the button and swinging the Wii Remote downward will make the racer rocket out of the blocks. When playing the DS version, holding the Stylus down on the touch screen will charge up the energy and releasing will activate the speed boost.