Bit Bike

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Bit Bike
Koopa Troopa's Bit Bike
Koopa Troopa on his Bit Bike
Size Class Small
Strong stats Acceleration, Handling, Off-Road, Mini-Turbo
Weak stats Speed, Weight
Appearances Mario Kart Wii

The Bit Bike (known as the Nanobike in the British English version) is a small-sized bike in the game Mario Kart Wii. It resembles a chopper with a pair of vented exhaust pipes. The emblem is located on the sides of the bike. Its kart counterpart is the Booster Seat. The Bit Bike is one of the seven vehicles to exhibit a slight design change besides a palette swap between characters, the other ones are the Booster Seat, Flame Runner, Wario Bike, Shooting Star, Spear, and Phantom. In this case, the Mii's Bit Bike have their exhaust pipes positioned lower than the others.


Speed: 25/80
Weight: 18/80
Acceleration: 59/80
Handling: 67/80
Drift: 40/80
Off-road: 56/80
Mini-turbo: 62/80
Vehicle type:

The Bit Bike has the best handling in the game. It also features great acceleration, off-road, and Mini-Turbo stats (the same Mini-Turbo stat as the Mach Bike). Its drifting is average. However, it's the slowest vehicle in the game, so it struggles to keep up with other vehicles. Additionally, it's the second lightest vehicle in the game behind the Quacker, making it easy for heavy vehicles to push it around. This and the Booster Seat are the only vehicles in the game to have a speed stat of less than thirty. Similarly, this and the Quacker are the only vehicles in the game to have a weight stat of less than twenty.

When compared to the Quacker, the Bit Bike has a tad worse acceleration, but slightly better off-road. On the other hand, the Bit Bike is slightly heavier than the Quacker, but lighter than the Cheep Charger, and instead of an inside drift, the Bit Bike has an outside drift. Baby Mario's Bit Bike has the best Handling in the game. Its off-road is tied with the Dolphin Dasher and the Phantom.

Color Schemes[edit]

Baby Daisy driving her Bit Bike in Mushroom Gorge
Character Color scheme Image
Baby Mario Red body, black underside, yellow headlight Baby Mario's Bit Bike
Baby Luigi Dark green body, blue underside, pale yellow headlight Baby Luigi's Bit Bike
Baby Peach Pink body, white underside, white headlight Baby Peach's Bit Bike
Baby Daisy Orange body, yellow underside, yellow headlight Baby Daisy's Bit Bike
Toad Dark blue body, red underside, orange headlight Toad's Bit Bike
Toadette Purple body, orange underside, light orange headlight Toadette's Bit Bike
Koopa Troopa Bright green body, sky-blue underside, orange headlight Koopa Troopa's Bit Bike
Dry Bones Black body, brown underside, pale yellow headlights Dry Bones' Bit Bike
Male Mii Blue body, orange underside, yellow headlight Bit Bike from Mario Kart Wii
Female Mii Yellow body, red underside, white headlights Bit Bike from Mario Kart Wii

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ポケモーター
Pokemotor, meaning pocket motor
French (NOA) Mini-cyclo Mini Moped. Cyclo is the apocopation of cyclomoteur (moped).
French (NOE) Mini-mob Mini Moped. Mob is the apocopation of mobylette (moped).
German Blitzer
Italian Moto Bit Bit Bike
Korean 비트바이크
Biteu Baikeu
Bit Bike
Spanish (NOA) Minimoto From mini (mini) and moto (motorcycle)
Spanish (NOE) Pequeciclo Pun on pequeño (small) and triciclo (tricyle)