Chain Chomp Wheel

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Chain Chomp Wheel
Chain Chomp Roulette
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Appearance(s) Mario Kart Wii (2008)
Cup(s) it appears in Battle Mode
Wi-Fi No longer available (Wii)
Course map

Chain Chomp Wheel (known as Chain Chomp Roulette in non-American English versions) is a battle course in the game Mario Kart Wii. It takes place inside a casino's wheel with a gigantic Chomp rolling around and squashing racers in its path. This arena is located underwater, as a Unagi and Cheep Cheeps can be seen swimming outside by looking out the windows located on the walls of the wheel. As with Funky Stadium, the players start from off the map on Dash Panels and make an entrance into the map.


Mario competes in a Balloon Battle at Chain Chomp Wheel.

Because this battle course is based off of a wheel, it is round with a small incline and is always moving. Dash Panels are located on the outer section of the wheel and in the very center of the wheel (which can be used to get Item Boxes located in the wheel's spinner.

Item Boxes are spread out around every few sections of the wheel and in the middle of a large star (which appears to act as the wheel's spinner), making it similar to the layout of Tart Top, a battle course from Mario Kart DS. Item Boxes located in the center of the large star, albeit harder to obtain, will usually grant the player a Star, although they can also occasionally give a Mushroom. As stated above, a Chomp rolls around the course, and anyone who runs in front of it is flattened. Any racers who run into the Chomp get knocked over as if they ran into a Bullet Bill.


The Chain Chomp Wheel tournament

A tournament took place on this battle course, where players had to collect one hundred coins while avoiding the incoming Chomp. It was restricted to Wii Wheel users, and the items that were used included Mushrooms, Mega Mushrooms, and Stars. This tournament was the second tournament of May 2009, and it was repeated as the second tournament of May 2011, the first tournament of August 2012, and the second tournament of October 2013.

Official descriptions[edit]

The course banner
  • Official European website: "You'll need more than a little luck to survive in this game of roulette. With a giant Chain Chomp rolling around, you might want to head for the high edges and pull off some stunts until it has passed by!"

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ワンワンルーレット
Wanwan Rūretto
Chain Chomp Roulette
Spanish (NOA) Ruleta de Chain Chomp Chain Chomp's Roulette
Spanish (NOE) Ruleta Chomp Cadenas Chain Chomp Roulette
French (NOA) Roulette Chain Chomp Chain Chomp Roulette
French (NOE) Roulette Chomp Chomp Roulette
German Kettenhund-Roulette Chain Chomp Roulette
Italian Roulette Categnaccio Chain Chomp Roulette
Korean 멍멍이 룰렛
Meong-meongi Rullet
Chain Chomp Roulette