Daisy Circuit

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Daisy Circuit
Daisy Circuit
Appearance(s) Mario Kart Wii (2008)
Cup(s) Star Cup
Staff Ghost 01:56.822 by Nin★Toki
(Daisy in the Daytripper)
Expert Staff Ghost 01:41.362 by Nin★Taeko
(Daisy on the Mach Bike)
Wi-Fi No longer available (Wii)
Course map
Mario Kart Wii

Daisy Circuit is the first course of the Star Cup in Mario Kart Wii. It is a seaside resort. The course travels across a seaside town with a sunset background on a shore. The course follows Daisy's appearance, with various flower motifs found throughout the level. There is also a docking area with a lighthouse and cruise ships; some of which mimic the appearance of Daisy Cruiser from Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Small baroque-style buildings can be seen from the background. On the track there are two circular fountains. On the top of the first fountain is a large golden statue of Daisy and Luigi dancing. The other statue shows Baby Luigi swinging Baby Daisy.

A remix of Daisy Circuit's music appears as one of the selectable songs in Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.


The course takes place in a small town near the ocean at sunset, and Daisy Cruiser can be seen in the background. Cones act as simple obstacles and slow players if they run into them. Two fountains are in the middle of the course which must be driven around. This is one of the two race courses in the game to be fully enclosed and not feature any hazards, the other being Luigi Circuit.

Despite being a circuit course, Daisy Circuit does not use the main circuit theme of the game (i.e. the music used for Luigi Circuit and Mario Circuit). Instead, it has its own unique theme to fit its seaside setting, which has some parts of the main circuit theme arranged.

Course layout[edit]

The track begins rather straight leading up to a sharp right hand turn into the town, where Toads, Piantas, Boos and Sledge Bros. line the streets. The road is slightly twisted and has cones.

After the town are the two fountains of Daisy and Luigi and their baby counterparts. When the player is playing as a Mii, the heads of the statues are replaced by Mii heads. Daisy and Baby Daisy are replaced by female Mii heads, while Luigi and Baby Luigi are changed to male Mii heads. Racers are able to go either right or left of the fountains around them. There are item boxes around the second fountain for players to grab. After the fountains is a small tunnel which gently flows to the right. Miis are present in this tunnel, cheering for the character. Right after the tunnel is a straight road that leads to a large hairpin turn around the lighthouse. Soon after this is another straightway that leads to a left hand turn going back to the start and finish line.


A small shortcut can be taken here by going into a narrow staircase in the pink building. Since it is offroad, it slows the player if the player manages to go into it and a Mushroom is required. Dash Panels and an Item Box are in the shortcut.

Staff ghost[edit]

In Mario Kart Wii, the staff ghost is Daisy on the Daytripper with a time of 1:56.822. If the player completes Time Trials on this course in 1:51.786 or faster, they will unlock the expert staff ghost (Daisy on the Mach Bike with a time of 1:41.362).


A tournament took place on this course, where players had to pass through a total of 22 gates. This tournament was the second one for October 2009, and it was repeated as the first tournament of August 2011, the second tournament of October 2012, and the first tournament of January 2014.


Mario Kart Wii[edit]

  • European website bio: "The roads of this seaside resort have been closed so you can tear round the tight turns and through the tunnel at top speed. Don't let the crowd down!"



Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese デイジーサーキット
Deijī Sākitto
Daisy Circuit
French Circuit Daisy Daisy Circuit
German Daisys Piste Daisy's Track
Italian Circuito di Daisy Daisy's Circuit
Korean 데이지 서킷
Deiji Seokit
Daisy Circuit
Spanish Circuito de Daisy Daisy's Circuit


  • The Daisy Cruiser that appears in the background scenery has its exhaust pipe colored gray instead of orange.
  • The mountains in the background of the track look very similar to the platforms of World 2-1 of the Muda Kingdom in Super Mario Land, making it likely that it is located there, adding to the fact that the track is located near the ocean, which the level also appears to be in, as well as the fact that the Muda Kingdom is located in Sarasaland, of which Daisy is the ruler.