Platinum Taxi

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Platinum Taxi
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The Platinum Taxi in Mario Kart Tour
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Appearances Mario Kart Tour

The Platinum Taxi is a kart that appears in Mario Kart Tour, classified as a tour-exclusive High-End kart. It is a white variant of the Yellow Taxi with a top sign reading "2020". Unlike the Yellow Taxi, Mini-Turbos last longer and yield more points when using this kart. Like the Yellow Taxi, the emblem is located on the hood ornament and below the tailfins and it uses the Slim tires from Mario Kart 7.


MKT Icon JumpBoost.png Jump Boost Plus
Favored Courses
Three Star DK Pass RRainbow Road RMKT Icon VanillaLake1SNES IceMario.pngTokyo Blur 2RNew York Minute 2RNeo Bowser City R/T
Two Star Bowser's Castle 1Bowser's Castle 1TMKT Icon DKPassDS Mario.pngDK Pass TVanilla Lake 1TMKT Icon TokyoBlur2.pngMKT Icon VancouverVelocity.pngVancouver Velocity R/TMKT Icon NewYorkMinute2.pngToad Circuit R/T


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese プラチナキャビン
Purachina Kyabin
Platinum Cabin
Spanish Taxi platino Platinum Taxi
French Taxi de platine Platinum Taxi
German Platin-Taxi Platinum Taxi
Italian Taxi platino Platinum Taxi
Portuguese Táxi Platinado Platinum Taxi