Swooper (glider)

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This article is about the glider part from Mario Kart 7. For the bat enemy, see Swoop.
MK7 Swoop.png
Strong stats Acceleration
Weak stats Weight
Appearances Mario Kart 7

The Swooper (known as the Swoop in Europe and Oceania) is an unlockable glider part in Mario Kart 7. As its name states, the Swooper is shaped like the Swoop enemy. It offers an acceleration boost, while hindering weight, but like all the other gliders, it allows karts to go airborne for a brief time period. It has the same stats as the Paraglider.

Stat boosts[edit]

  • Speed: 0
  • Sea Speed: 0
  • Air Speed: -1.5
  • Acceleration: +0.25
  • Weight: -0.25
  • Handling: 0
  • Sea Handling: 0
  • Air Handling: +1
  • Off-Road: 0
  • Mini-Turbo: +0.25
  • Stability: 0
  • Drift: -0.25


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バサバサカイト
Swooper Kite
Spanish (NOA) Vampílago Portmanteau of vampiro (vampire) and murciélago (bat)
Spanish (NOE) Swooper
French (NOA) Swoopa
French (NOE) Swooper
Dutch Swooper
German Flappflapp -
Portuguese Asapente Portmanteau of Asa (wing) and Parapente (glider)