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Bangkok Tour
Start date June 28, 2022
11:00 p.m. (PT)
End date July 12, 2022
10:59 p.m. (PT)
Number of cups 12
Ranked cups Daisy Cup (week 1)
Coin Rush course Bangkok Rush
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The Bangkok Tour is the seventy-third tour of Mario Kart Tour, which began on June 29, 2022 and will end on July 12, 2022. As the name indicates, the tour introduces a new course based in Bangkok, Thailand called Bangkok Rush, and it also features the debut of a variant of Daisy in a traditional sbai. Continuing from the previous tour, the Metropolitan Fest event will conclude in this tour. This tour features daily Coins Aplenty and Tokens Aplenty events and also features three gold pipes in the Token Shop, which for the first time, does not include any drivers or karts.

This tour's Coin Rush takes place on Bangkok Rush. Similarly to the 2022 Yoshi Tour, this tour features a pipe known as the Gold Karts and Gliders Pipe, which contains 10 golden karts and gliders, such as the new Gold Zucchini, though it can only be fired up to 10 times and cannot be reset.

Today's Challenge[edit]

Players' most recently used kart and glider are chosen, and favorite and favored ones have extra priority. Opponents are arranged randomly. On day 1 of this tour, players finish a race in SNES Choco Island 1 in the Mii Cup using the Chain Chomp Mii Racing Suit for a free pipe launch. Starting from day 2, players have to finish a race in the earliest incomplete course that is not in any of the ranked cups using the driver shown on the course's thumbnail every day to obtain the corresponding reward in the table below. Once all of the courses are completed, the courses are selected at random.

Day(s) Reward
1-4, 6-9, 11-13 Green launch pipe from Mario Kart Tour
Free pipe launch
5, 10 A Ruby from Mario Kart Tour
Rubies ×5
Today's Challenge Pipe
Today's Challenge Pipe from Mario Kart Tour, used since the Wedding Tour
Pipe contents
Rubies, coins, driver (Normal/Super/High-End), kart (Normal/Super/High-End), glider (Normal/Super/High-End), item tickets

New content[edit]


Mii Racing Suits[edit]




Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese バンコクツアー
Bankoku Tsuā
Bangkok Tour
Chinese (Simplified) 曼谷巡回赛
Màngǔ Xúnhuí sài
Bangkok Tour
Chinese (Traditional) 曼谷巡迴賽
Màngǔ Xúnhuí sài
Bangkok Tour
French Saison de Bangkok Bangkok Season
German Bangkok-Tour-Saison Bangkok-Tour-Season
Italian Tour di Bangkok Bangkok Tour
Korean 방콕 투어
Bangkog Tueo
Bangkok Tour
Portuguese Temporada de Bangkok Bangkok Season
Spanish Temporada de Bangkok Bangkok Season