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This article is about the mansion itself. For other uses, see Luigi's Mansion (disambiguation).
Luigi's Mansion
Luigi's Mansion (location)
First appearance Luigi's Mansion (2001)
Latest appearance WarioWare: Get It Together! (2021)
Greater location Boo Woods
Ruler King Boo, Luigi
Inhabitants Boos, various ghosts, human
“As if that weren't enough, they built a mansion in front of my lab in the space of a single night, and then they all hid inside! If I told anybody else this stuff, they'd probably have me committed!”
Professor E. Gadd, Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Mansion is a huge Ghost House constructed by the Boos that Luigi first encounters in the Nintendo GameCube game of the same name. Luigi wins the mansion in a contest that he did not even enter. When he gets there, Luigi finds that the mansion is haunted and that Mario has been kidnapped. Luigi later meets Professor E. Gadd, who gives him the Poltergust 3000, which allows him to suck up the ghosts who inhabit the mansion.


Luigi's Mansion series[edit]

Luigi's Mansion[edit]

AnteroomBalcony (2F)FoyerFoyerMaster Bedroom (Luigi's Mansion)NurseryParlorStudyWardrobe RoomBall RoomBathroom (1F)BoneyardButler's RoomConservatoryDining RoomGraveyardHidden RoomKitchenLaundry RoomMirror RoomStorage RoomWashroom (1F)Astral HallBalcony (3F)Bathroom (2F)Billiards RoomBottom of the WellCourtyardFortune-teller's RoomNana's RoomObservatoryProjection RoomRec RoomSafari RoomTea RoomThe Twins' RoomWashroom (2F)ArmoryThe Artist's StudioBreaker RoomCellarCeramics StudioClockwork RoomCold StorageGuest RoomPipe RoomRoofSealed RoomSecret AltarSitting RoomTelephone RoomLuigi's Mansion Map. Yellow rooms are in Area One, blue rooms are in Area Two, green rooms are in Area Three, and red rooms are in Area Four. The Secret Altar is colored gray, as it is its own area.
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Luigi's Mansion in the Nintendo 3DS remake of Luigi's Mansion.
The mansion in the Nintendo 3DS remake

Prior to the events of Luigi's Mansion, Professor E. Gadd traveled the world in his youth capturing ghosts and trapped them in portraits, with the final ghost he caught being Boolossus. King Boo freed Boolossus and the two of them freed the rest of the captured ghosts. They then conjured up a mansion near Professor E. Gadd's Lab to mock him and sent a message to Luigi and Mario telling them that Luigi won the mansion in a contest in order to lure them there. Mario arrives first and is captured by King Boo and sealed away in a portrait. When Luigi arrives, Mario is not there, so Luigi explores the mansion in an attempt to locate him.

The mansion is split between three floors, a roof, and a basement, for a total of 41 rooms, with a majority of the rooms containing the escaped portrait ghosts. Several regular ghosts also roam the halls and are found in several rooms. On the Game Boy Horror, the rooms are color-coded by area. Yellow is area 1, blue is area 2, green is area 3, and pink is area 4. In the 3DS version, yellow is area 1, pink is area 2, green is area 3, and blue is area 4. Despite the mansion being created by the Boos, they appear to have been trapped in a Storage Room and become freed during the course of the game, where they are then found in most of the rooms.

At the end of the game after Luigi defeats King Boo, the mansion vanishes and a new one is built in its place using Luigi's money collected by the player throughout the game. The size of the new mansion is dependent on the amount of funds obtained by the player. Professor E. Gadd also reveals that the entirety of Luigi's adventure took place in only one night and that the mansion itself was just an illusion. There is also an alternate version of the mansion known as the Hidden Mansion, which can be played after Luigi defeats King Boo. The Hidden Mansion is identical to the normal mansion in the NTSC GameCube versions, but the ghosts and Boos are stronger. The Poltergust 3000 is 1.5 times more powerful in the Hidden Mansion. In the PAL GameCube release, the mansion is mirrored and the ghost placement is vastly different as well. Most of the changes made in the PAL version were retained in the 3DS remake, with the exception of the mirrored layout and the stronger Poltergust 3000.

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon[edit]

At the beginning of Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon, the map Luigi used to get to the mansion hangs on the wall behind him.

Super Mario-kun[edit]

Luigi's Mansion. Page 137, volume 26 of Super Mario-kun.
Super Mario-kun

Luigi's Mansion appears in one chapter of volume 26 of Super Mario-kun. As in the game, Luigi wins it, but he stumbles on it after being lost in the woods and Mario being missing.

Paper Mario series[edit]

Luigi's Mansion is mentioned by one of the crows in Twilight Town in Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door.

The Foyer of the mansion appears in the Mansion Patrol minigame of Super Paper Mario. The Foyer is depicted as black with no doors leading to the other rooms and lined with empty portraits, making it look different than its other depictions. However, the Nintendo Power Player's Guide for Super Paper Mario refers to it directly as "a Luigi's Mansion foyer".[1]

Mario Kart series[edit]

Luigi's Mansion is also the name of a battle course and race course found in the Mario Kart series. The courses take place both inside and outside the mansion, and feature many environmental elements originally seen in Luigi's Mansion. The battle course originally appears in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! and later reappears in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, while the race course first appears in Mario Kart DS and later in Mario Kart 7 and Mario Kart Tour.

Luigi's Mansion also appears as a haunted house attraction in the background of GCN Baby Park in Mario Kart 8 and Mario Kart Tour. In the Mario Kart 8 iteration of the course, the mansion is redesigned.

Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time[edit]

While the mansion is never seen in Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time, Boo Woods, the area of which the mansion is located, is referred to after the eruption of Thwomp Volcano. The volcano destroys the young Professor E. Gadd's lab at the base of the volcano, prompting him to ponder moving his research to Boo Woods. While also never seen, it is known that Boo Woods is the location of his lab as seen in Luigi's Mansion.

Mario Power Tennis[edit]

Luigi's Mansion Court
Luigi's Mansion Court
Main article: Luigi's Mansion Court

Luigi's Mansion Court is a default court in Mario Power Tennis, and is it set in the Courtyard. There are numerous ghosts watching the game. In the normal version of this court, it is set on a concrete field, with no real gimmicks in it. In the gimmick version, on occasion, a ghost appears on either side of the court and can harass the players. This slows them down, making it more difficult to move and hit the ball at the right time. However, if a player lands the ball onto the mid-back space on the court (which has a picture of a light bulb on it), all the ghosts on the other side of the court disappear. The Minigame Terror Tennis is held on this court. Unlike in Mario Kart: Double Dash!!, this mansion is actually the mansion (presumably in its older form) seen in Luigi's Mansion.

Mario Hoops 3-on-3[edit]

Main article: Luigi's Mansion (Mario Hoops 3-on-3)

Luigi's Mansion appears in Mario Hoops 3-on-3 as the second playable court in the Flower Tourney. Its main gimmick revolves around Ghosts.

Super Smash Bros. series[edit]

Main article: Luigi's Mansion (stage)
Luigi's Mansion stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate
The Luigi's Mansion stage in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

In Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Luigi's Mansion is an unlockable battle stage. The stage shows five rooms from Luigi's Mansion (based upon the Nursery, the Kitchen, the Study, the Ball Room, and the Foyer), and the mansion itself is destructible. Players can destroy a part of it by attacking the poles in the separate rooms. When a player does this a few Boos will appear and then quickly fade away. If players destroy all the poles, the stage will just be flat. Later, the stage will rebuild itself. If every player is not in any of the rooms and the mansion is whole, the front of the mansion is shown. It returned as a starter stage in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U. In it, like in all other stages, players have access to an alternate Omega form of the stage patterned after Final Destination: in this case, a balcony in front of the mansion's roof. The stage also reappears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

Mario Super Sluggers[edit]

Main article: Luigi's Mansion (baseball stadium)

Luigi's Mansion returns as a baseball stadium in Mario Super Sluggers. The stadium must be accessed at night, and is unlocked when the player purchases Luigi's Flashlight for 300 coins from the Mario Stadium shop.

Mario Sports Mix[edit]

Main article: Luigi's Mansion (Mario Sports Mix)
A Volleyball match at Luigi's Mansion court

Luigi's Mansion makes an appearance in Mario Sports Mix as a volleyball and basketball court. During a basketball match, one of the ghosts may snatch the ball out of the player's hand and pass it off to one of their opponents. When playing volleyball, the volleyball net is covered in a large spider web. The volleyball and basketball match appears to take place inside.

Unused appearances[edit]

The Super Mario Bros. Movie[edit]

Luigi's Mansion appears in concept artwork for The Super Mario Bros. Movie as a location in the Dark Lands.[2] In the Super Mario Bros. Plumbing voicemail, Luigi mentions (and puts emphasis on) a mansion when listing examples of residences customers may own, alluding to the location.

Profiles and statistics[edit]

Super Smash Bros. Brawl[edit]

Luigi's Mansion
Appears in:
GCN Luigi's Mansion
How to unlock: Random
A big, creepy mansion in the heart of a gloomy forest. It was given to Luigi, who found its many rooms (including a dining room, kitchen, rec room, projection room, music room, and tea room) were infested with ghosts. Luigi was supposed to meet Mario here, but his bro went missing. Not known for his bravery, Luigi gathered his courage and set out to explore his new home. (American English)
A big, creepy mansion in the heart of a gloomy forest. It was given to Luigi, who found its many rooms (including a dining room, kitchen, billiards room, projection room, tea room and conservatory) were infested with ghosts. Luigi was supposed to meet Mario here, but his bro went missing. Not known for his bravery, Luigi gathered his courage and set out to explore his new home. (British English)
Songs in My Music
Name Source Credits
Luigi's Mansion Theme Luigi's Mansion Arrangement Supervisor: Shogo Sakai
Airship Theme
(Super Mario Bros. 3)
Super Mario Bros. 3 Arrangement: Motoi Sakuraba
Castle / Boss Fortress*
(Super Mario World / SMB 3)
Super Mario World / Super Mario Bros. 3 Arrangement Supervisor: Yusuke Takahama
Tetris: Type A Tetris Arrangement Supervisor: Yoko Shimomura
Tetris: Type B* Tetris Arrangement: Masafumi Takada

* unlocked from CDs


Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese ルイージマンション
Ruīji Manshon
Luigi Mansion

Chinese (simplified) 路易吉洋馆
Lùyìjí Yángguǎn
Lùyìjí de Yángguǎn

Luigi Mansion

Luigi's Mansion

Chinese (traditional) 路易吉洋樓
Lùyìjí Yánglóu
Luigi Mansion

Dutch Luigi's Landgoed
Luigi's Landhuis
Luigi's Estate
Luigi's Mansion
French Manoir de Luigi
Luigi's Mansion
German Luigi's Mansion
Luigis Villa
Luigi's Mansion
Italian Palazzo di Luigi
Il palazzo di Luigi
Luigi's Palace
Korean 루이지 맨션
Ruiji Maensyeon
Luigi Mansion

Portuguese Mansão do Luigi
Luigi's Mansion
Russian Особняк Луиджи
Osobnyak Luidzhi
Дворец Луиджи
Dvorets Luidzhi

Luigi's Mansion

Luigi's Palace

Spanish Mansión de Luigi
Luigi's Mansion


  • Although the mansion does not appear in the Super Mario Mash-up in Minecraft, the trailer of Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition features Luigi with the Poltergust walking into a ghost house, referencing the mansion and game.
  • From the outside, the central two frontal windows on the second floor are lit and drawn in such a way to resemble glaring eyes. This may be a nod to the eye-like quarter-circle windows previously on 112 Ocean Avenue, a real-world house known as the setting of The Amityville Horror.


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