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The Gallery is an area in Luigi's Mansion located in the vicinity of Professor Elvin Gadd's laboratory. In here, one can see the pictures of Luigi's captured portrait ghosts. Each of its two halls leads to a room with a large portrait of King Boo. On either side of his painting are two angel statues, which will flap their wings if they are interacted with. A picture of Luigi's NEW Mansion also appears after beating the game.

Professor E. Gadd stands in front of a door in the Gallery. This door leads to the Portrificationizer Chamber, according to the Game Boy Horror. However, it cannot be entered.

The game's Nintendo 3DS remake features a brand new Gallery.[1] The remake's Gallery includes a more open spaced room design that houses 25 ghost portraits instead of the original game's 23 ghost portraits and are organized on each floor slightly by Area,[2] a double door that leads to a new designed room that holds King Boo's painting and a Game Boy Horror cartridge for a third person camera search function, includes a silver statue base to the right of the double door to check in-game achievements and hold normal ghost statues, a room to the east that has three paintings that showcase common ghosts, the Mansion's ranking, and the 35 Boos. If Luigi so wishes, he can interact with the portraits by changing their frame color to bronze, silver, or gold and can enter a "Boss Rush" mode to recapture the portrait ghosts in the fastest time possible, which also extends to the Area Bosses. This mode can be used to obtain frames the player has missed.

In order to change the portrait into gold or silver frame, however, Luigi must have caught the portrait ghost in that frame first. For instance, if Luigi only managed to capture Biff Atlas and only earned enough pearls for a silver frame portrait, he cannot change the frame from silver to gold. If Luigi has caught the Ghost with enough pearls to earn a gold frame, the bronze and silver frames are unlocked automatically and if the Ghost is caught with enough pearls to earn a silver frame, the bronze frame is unlocked. Only in the remake, platinum frames are superior to gold and in order to earn this frame for a portrait ghost, Luigi must manage to suck up at least 140 HP in a single suction and in the case of an Area Boss, have 95 or more HP at the end of the battle. This is only possible to accomplish within the Hidden Mansion.

Official profiles[edit]

Luigi's Mansion (Nintendo 3DS)[edit]

  • Digital manual description: "You can view things like the pictures of the Boos and portrait ghosts you vacuumed, or check the trophies for your gameplay results."
  • In-game description: "View the portraits of captured ghosts."

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
French Galerie Gallery
German Galerie
Italian Galleria
Spanish Galería Gallery