Cold Storage

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Cold Storage
Cold Storage.png
Area Area Four
Portrait ghosts Sir Weston
Boo Boolderdash
The Cold Storage in the Nintendo 3DS remake.
The Cold Storage in the Nintendo 3DS remake.

Cold Storage is a room in Area Four of Luigi's Mansion. Here, Luigi fights Sir Weston. After Luigi defeats Sir Weston, he receives the Key to The Artist's Studio.


The Cold Storage is a plain room. There are four frozen crates and two frozen shelves throughout the room and a small campsite where Sir Weston sleeps. The entire floor is covered in ice, giving less traction on the ground than in other rooms. There are seven icicles on the ceiling which fall randomly. They deal twenty damage if they land on Luigi. These icicles disappear after Sir Weston is defeated.

Names in other languages[edit]

Language Name Meaning
Japanese 冷凍室
French Chambre froide
German Kühlraum
Italian Dispensa fredda Cold storage
Spanish La cámara The Cold Storage Room
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